There is an impending decision on the ongoing border issue by a federal judge under Title 42.

More than 221,000 interactions with migrants were recorded in March, and it is anticipated that April will also see an increase in that number.

Within the next few days, a federal judge is going to decide a decision on the fate of the Biden administration’s proposal to lift Title 42. This is in response to a lawsuit that was filed by a dozen Republican states, who argue that lifting the public health order will result in an even worse crisis at the southern border. The lawsuit was filed in response to a proposal made by the Biden administration to lift Title 42.


Arguments were presented to Judge Summerhays in the Western District of Louisiana on Friday regarding a preliminary injunction against the proposal by the Biden administration to get rid of Title 42 on May 23.

The majority of the thousands of migrants who have crossed the southern border since the COVID-19 outbreak began have been deported as a result of an order for public health that was issued in March of 2020. This order was issued by Former President Trump and President Biden.