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The Ultimate Guide to the Extended Tummy Tuck

Nearly 80% of Americans aren’t satisfied with how their bodies look at times. About 37% are unhappy when looking in the mirror. Over 30% are unhappy when shopping for clothes or wearing a bathing suit.

If you have excess, unwanted skin, you might want to talk to a surgeon about the extended tummy tuck procedure. This procedure could improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

What is extended tummy tuck surgery, exactly? What target areas can it help treat? Keep reading to find out!

Reading this guide will help you determine if this form of cosmetic surgery is right for you. Discover everything you need to know with this guide today!

What is an Extended Tummy Tuck?

First, let’s answer the question that likely brought you here. What is extended tummy tuck surgery?

This type of cosmetic surgery is similar to regular tummy tucks. Instead of reducing excess fat and skin around the stomach, it also targets the flank area. You can remove the love handles between your waist and hips to improve your appearance.

An extended tummy tuck procedure is ideal for patients who have lost weight and therefore have excess skin. It can help reduce the appearance around the flanks and stomach.

An extended tummy tuck could cost up to $20,000. The extended tummy tuck cost you pay can vary based on:

  • The surgeon’s experience and expertise
  • Where the surgery is performed
  • The number of treatments required
  • Who administers the anesthesia

You can schedule a consultation appointment with a cosmetic surgeon for more accurate pricing. They’ll also determine if you’re an ideal candidate before the procedure.

Target Areas

This procedure often targets the upper and lower stomach. It can also treat the flanks and waist. Some patients choose to treat the uppermost lateral portion of the thigh as well.

The Process

This surgery works by removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen. Surgery can also involve repairing muscles that are loose or torn.

Your surgeon will create an incision above the pubic hairline. The incision will wrap around the lower back. Then, they’ll remove fat and skin from your flank and stomach.

If there is extra fat, you can request liposuction during the procedure as well.

The skin is then laid flat. Your stomach should look flat and smooth as a result.


As with many types of surgery, there are a few risks involved with this procedure. Potential side effects and complications can include:

  • Internal organ puncture
  • Swelling and redness
  • Excess blood or fluid pooling in the belly
  • Numbness (which is usually temporary)

Make sure to choose an experienced, board-certified surgeon for your tummy tuck. They can minimize the likelihood of complications.

Goodbye, Excess Skin: Your Guide to the Extended Tummy Tuck Procedure

You don’t have to continue living with excess fat or skin. Instead, achieve a flat, smooth stomach with an extended tummy tuck procedure. This surgery could boost your confidence by improving your appearance.

You can schedule a consultation appointment with a surgeon to determine if this procedure is right for you.

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