The types of industries that utilize excavators and their many uses

The types of industries that utilize excavators and their many uses

An excavator is popular earthmoving heavy equipment featuring a bucket, arm, and a rotating cab mounted on movable tracks of wheels. In a typical arrangement, the housing or cabin of an excavator sits atop an undercarriage that may have tracks or wheels. Though excavator is widely used in large and small scale construction projects, they find application in a number of fields and industries.

You can see excavators working in the mining industry for the exploitation of sources and even in the demolition industry wrecking tall buildings and facilities.

Let’s have a quick overview on the types of industries that utilize excavators and their many uses:


Excavators and excavator hire are so popular in construction industry that most companies have an excavator clipart in their emblem. They are being used in number of construction and infrastructure development projects. From earthwork, making trenches, digging holes, removing spoil, and material shifting; excavator has plethora of applications in the field of construction. Powerful boom and hydraulic system provide powerful working force that is ideal for large and heavy construction. For maneuverability, these excavators come in two configurations i.e. wheel-mounted and crawler or chain mounted. The former one allows easy mobility across multiple sites whereas the latter is ideal for rough and uneven terrain.

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We see excavators working in building construction jobs digging foundation, digging trenches for utilities, digging swimming pools, and making landscapes. They are also used in road works for preparing subgrade or foundation, shifting of earthwork and soil from one area to other, placing concrete, and even lifting heavy equipment. Excavator hire machinery is commonly used in the construction industry by smaller companies, while larger companies may maintain their own fleet of vehicles.


Giant excavators of different types are used in mining industry with powerful shovels that can excavate hundreds of cubic meters of material per hour. Excavator not only making mining operation fast but also makes it simple and efficient. The world’s biggest hydraulic excavator Bucyrus RH400 by Caterpillar weighs approximately 889 tons and it has the ability to hold 45m3 of rock in a single scoop. Such powerful hydraulic giants are used in mining industry.


With right attachment to an excavator, you can undertake number of tasks for forestry industry. With an excavator mulchers or harvesting head; you can handle big logs and undertake land clearing with ease and in no time. Specially made excavators are used in forestry that has amazing mobility on soft terrains and swamps. These excavators are equally productive as harvester, processors, stump puller or even log-loader. These machines give you the flexibility and productivity regardless to the task at hand.


Just like construction industry, these excavators are also used in irrigation projects and developments. Excavators are used for river dredging and making canals for the irrigation of an area. Mostly crawler mounted or chain mounted large sized excavators are used that can easily work on tough and rough lands.


Demolition industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of long-reach excavators. They have a long arm boom that allows the operator to demolish a building while still being far away from the demolish site. These are powerful hydraulic excavator that is designed solely for the purpose of demolition.