Smokee Whine

The sound of Smokee Whine (associated with Neo-Soul and southern rap

Smokee Whine

People call Smokee Whine sound seductive and fresh Neo-Soul. Even though his sound is new to the scene, Smokee Whine started as a hip-hop artist. He started as a rapper and author named Trete Lo. He doesn’t eat meat and some would say he’s very eccentric with the way he lives. He considers all of his songs to be inventions and strives to set himself apart from every sound you’ve heard with his head and tails style of Neo-soul and Southern Rap.

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Smokee Whine was influenced by the artists that his parents listened to. His dad was influenced by the 50s and 60s whereas his mom was heavily influenced by the soul artists of the ’70s. He would hear artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding from his dad while he traveled to California with his mom and was enthralled in the music of The Gap Band, The Whispers, and other artists like George Clinton. Naturally, he would gravitate to hip hop and all the artists of the ’80s ’90s, and 2000s.

Smokee Whine

A pivotal moment in music came when Smokee took a small keyboard made a beat and wrote a song and rapped in a local talent show in Monroe, Louisiana where rapper Heavy D made a surprise appearance and announced him as the winner. Heavy

D had strong words, telling him to keep doing what he was doing and never give up. Stay in school. He was amazed at his ability to write and produce music at such a young age. He was only about 11 years old and he has been writing and producing music ever since.

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