The most wicked and lazy people on Earth are residents of Komenda-Ken Agyapong

Controversial Politician, Kennedy Agyapong, has said the people of Komenda are very wicked and lazy as well.

According to him, the Komenda people will sabotage any developmental project in their community. His revelation comes on the backdrop of his experience with the people of Komenda and is sure the Komenda sugar factory was going to fail.

He made this known in an interview on KMFTV monitored by this news portal.

Recounting his ordeal at the hands of Komenda people, he said he had a plan with his partners to revive the Komenda sugar factory.

So he and his patents came up with a plan to acquire 11,000 hectares of land to plant sugarcane to constantly feed the factory to ensure consistent supply of raw materials to the factory.

He noted that the people set the whole farmland ablaze after receiving their compensation on reasons best known to them.

“I’m not afraid of them. The people of Komenda are naturally born bad. These people are wicked and also lazy at the same time. Your burnt my farm but now who is suffering? You are suffering and I’m here doing very well. I knew the Komenda Sugar factory will fail but I didn’t want to be a prophet of doom and even if I had said anything about it, they would have said because it’s another political party so I had to be quiet about it.”