Japanese Whiskey

The magic of Japanese whiskey

Japanese whiskey is a type of alcoholic beverage that originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. Although whiskey production started in the country around the 1800s, it was in the early 1920s that the business boomed. Japanese whiskey resembles the Scottish variant and has a trademark taste that acquired thousands of fans.

Today, Japanese whiskey is loved by many for its taste. Bottles of the drink sell for thousands of US dollars, and many enjoy whiskey brands in parts of Asia like Singapore.

A whiskey at one with culture and nature

Japanese whiskey is a drink shaped not just by the brewing process. It also has a lot of cultural significance and finds its roots in the country’s flora. Many drinkers find that the whiskey gives off the ambiance of a Japanese garden. Some associate the drink with landmarks like the cherry blossom trees or religious shrines located in the countryside of the archipelago.

Brewers recall the history of distilleries located in the mountains. They say that this association is why there is an outgoing quality to the whiskey. Many feel that Japanese whiskey is a drink best consumed during an outdoor trip with friends. The distinct flavors also recount emotions associated with the four seasons when consuming a bottle. Whatever the emotion it evokes in you, Japanese whiskey seems to elicit a universal feeling of satisfaction.

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A balance of flavors

Generally speaking, Japanese whiskey has a more delicate taste. It is very aromatic and has a “natural” quality to it. Brewers say that the drink’s milder taste is the Japanese people’s preference for a balanced flavor. Whiskey brands popular in the west are associated with more savory tastes, which helps Japanese whiskey stand out.

Despite the milder flavor, people consume Japanese whiskey in small doses or cocktails. People enjoy the drink alongside food and sometimes mix it with soda or hot water. These combinations are popular during the summertime.

Premium prices for a premium-tasting drink

Japanese whiskey bottles have many fans, but that means that there is a lot of demand. This trend also means that they sell for outrageous prices. Collectors buy certain brands for up to thousands of US dollars. Some even predict that prices can shoot up to $100,000 in a few years!

The reason for this is some bottles are old. Many collector’s items have been stored as far back as the 1940s. These are associated with World War II and hold a lot of historical significance. That is a lot of incentive for people who have an affinity with Japan and its culture.

Luckily, companies are not entirely preventing the general public from having a taste of fantastic Japanese whiskey. There are ballots taking place to get people to win rare bottles, while there are also affordable brands in places like Singapore. These may not be as old as a classic wartime bottle, but they give you a fair taste of the aromatic flavor you want from a Japanese whiskey. You can also explore your options from Jarbarlar.