The Complete Guide to Making It as a Medicare Sales Agent

The Complete Guide to Making It as a Medicare Sales Agent

Are you looking to pursue a career as a Medicare sales agent?

First things first, you’ve made a noble decision. Medicare is a big part of America’s insurance system, serving over 44 million Americans, mostly seniors and those with disabilities. This career will give you a good opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people.

However, just because this is an in-demand career (because of the aging boomer population) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re primed for success. Not every agent in medical sales succeeds. In fact, some drop out of the career because the going gets tough.

How can you ensure that you’re among the Medicare sales agents that will have a lucrative career? We’ve got insider-secrets, so keep reading!

Understand What a Medicare Sales Agent Does

What’s your motivation to become a Medicare sales agent?

If you’re anything like most people who want to pursue this career, you’re eyeing the lucrative commissions. This is understandable and perfectly okay. However, don’t enter the profession chasing the money without first evaluating whether this is a job they’re passionate about.

Without passion, you can only go so far as an insurance sales agent.

This is why it’s important to have a good understanding of the job of a Medicare sales agent before making the decision to pursue. What is that they do on a daily basis? Is it something you can do without burning out so quickly?

As the job title implies, the job of a Medicare sales agent primarily involves selling the different types of Medicare health plans. These plans are offered by private health insurance companies that are Medicare-approved.

Like any insurance agent, this means you’ve to find potential customers and sign them up to your employer’s plans. On top of a fixed salary, you’ll earn commissions based on your performance (the number of clients you sign up).

So, at the heart of any Medicare sales job is sales. You need to be an excellent salesperson.

The Complete Guide to Making It as a Medicare Sales Agent

The Training You Need to Become a Medicare Sales Agent

You don’t get out of high school and start looking for a job as a Medicare sales agent. You need to pursue the right training before you can qualify for employment.

To be a Medicare sales agent, you obviously need to have an in-depth understanding of Medicare health plans and all the regulations that surround these plans. This also means you need a license to sell this kind of insurance.

To get started, though, you need to be licensed to sell health insurance in your resident state. Institutions offer different programs that will prepare you for a career as a health insurance agent. Be sure to check with the relevant department in your state and know the recommended programs.

You’ll then need to take a Medicare training course that’s approved by your state. In many states, this is the AHIP certification. Upon successful completion, you’ll be eligible for licensure as a Medicare sales agent.

Keep in mind that your competence as a Medicare sales agent will largely depend on your understanding of Medicare health plans. Shoppers are typically confused about what these plans offer, so it’s your job to enlighten them. If a shopper feels like you’re not authoritative, they’ll find another agent who can explain everything to them.

As such, completing your training program isn’t about cramming your way out of every exam. It’s important that you take your time to understand what you’re being taught.

Master the Occupational Skills

Knowing Medicare health plans like the back of your hand is a good place to start, but it isn’t all you need to make it as a Medicare sales agent. You also need to possess the right occupational skills.

Really, at the end of the day, this job is all about selling. How effective are you as a salesperson?

Do you have excellent listening and speaking skills? Are you persuasive? Do you have strong attention to detail?

Some of these skills are inborn. Others are nurtured.

If you aren’t a good listener, for example, strive to nurture strong listening skills.

You need a high level of self-confidence. The job involves interacting with people every day, so if you don’t cut the figure of a self-confident person, it’s going to be difficult to strike conversations with strangers.

The success of your career directly depends on the number of sales you can close. As such, you need to find new ways to find new prospects.

Making It as an Independent Medicare Sales Agent

You will start your career by working for a company that sells Medicare health plans. In most cases, this will be an established health insurance agency.

You don’t want to work for someone forever, right?

You can become an independent Medicare sale agent, but this is a different ballgame. You need to know how to run a profitable business.

Be sure to invest in the right lead generation strategies. You can read more about lead generation for Medicare sales agents so that you know what works and what doesn’t.

You Can Be a Successful Medicare Sales Agent

Selling Medicare is one of the most lucrative jobs any insurance agent can have. But we’re not going to lie. Making it isn’t a walk in the park. There’s lots of competition in the industry.

The good news? You now have most of the information you need to become a successful Medicare sales agent.

All the best and keep tabs on our blog for more career tips.