The Complete Guide to Flower Meanings and Their Historic Symbolism

Did you know the oldest species of flower was found in 2002 in China? It’s named Archaefructus Sinensis and is estimated to have existed as far back as 125 million years ago.

There are millions of flowers on the planet today, and each one has a different meaning. Do you want to learn some of these flower meanings?

This guide will discuss some of the most common flowers and what they symbolize. Keep reading to learn more.

The Lotus

Flower symbolism is often attached to how or where a flower blooms. The lotus flower is one of the most revered flowers because it grows and blooms in the mud. It continues to bloom in this unlikely place, and that’s what makes it so special.

This is why the flower has often be used to symbolize rebirth and enlightenment. Many cultures around the world use the flower to signify self-regeneration. This is when a person comes out of hardship on the other side as a brand new person.

Aster Flower

The Aster is the birth flower for September-born people. It resembles a daisy in many ways but is named after the Greek word for star.

The Aster flower has many different meanings but some of the most common include wisdom and bravery. It’s also used as a symbol of love and faith.

The flower first came to represent love when place on god altars in ancient Greece. It represents deep love and admiration for another being.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is next on the list of types of flowers symbolizing many different emotions. This flower is often used to represent joy.

It can also represent something magnificent. Use it to celebrate a wonderful moment in your life or a loved one’s.

The flower symbolizes excitement and anticipation as well. This makes it the perfect flower for a couple awaiting a new baby.

The vibrant colors of this plant make a great addition to your outdoor garden as well.

The Lily

Lilies are some of the most common flowers you’ll see. Bouquets of these flowers are used to celebrate all kinds of occasions.

The meaning of the flower changes depending on the color you choose. White lilies are often associated with purity. They can be used to decorate for a baptism.

Pink lilies represent prosperity. You can use these flowers to manifest success in your career.

Choose yellow lilies to indicate gratitude for someone in your life and orange ones when you feel proud of an accomplishment.


Different flower colors might signify different stages of the same emotion. This is the case with carnations, love, and relationships.

The pink carnation can represent your affection for someone. Red carnations are often used as a declaration of romantic love. White carnations symbolize pure love, while yellow ones express feelings of disappointment after rejection.

Stripped carnations have a similar meaning as well. These flowers represent the regret of unrequited love. Make sure you choose the right color when buying carnation flowers for another person.


Daffodils can symbolize many opposing emotions. While they can mean a good thing to you, they can symbolize something negative to someone else.

The most recognized symbol of the daffodil is chivalry. It could also indicate a new stage of life because the flower is often associated with rebirth or eternal life. On the contrary, daffodils have often been used to represent unrequited love.

A single flower could represent misfortune, while a bouquet symbolizes happiness.

Magnolia Flowers

Magnolias are some of the most popular flowers in the floral industry. They bloom around springtime, a season tied to new beginnings.

They’re common flowers at spring weddings. They represent the beauty of love and a love of nature too.

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The beauty and simplicity of magnolia flowers make them a great choice, no matter what the occasion.


Daisies are beautiful flowers for children because they represent love, innocence, and purity. They’re a fun choice because you have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

The daisy is also a common flower, able to grow on every continent in the world. This flower has a long history in courtship too. It was said to be worn by gentlemen and women to symbolize availability in the early Middle Ages.

The Gardenia

This is another flower you’d gift to someone special in your life. The Gardenia is a symbol of sweetness. It can also represent a secret love in your life.

This flower can indicate the joy you feel in life. Use this flower to tell the person you love how beautiful you think they are and how much they add to your life.

The Dahlia Flower

This flower bouquet is a perfect gift to celebrate a graduation or promotion at work because it represents dignity. This flower represents a change in life.

The Dahlia flower could also symbolize a warning. That warning could mean a change is coming to your life, so it’s not always something to fear. This flower is vibrant and beautiful, display your bouquet in your kitchen or on your dining room table.

Flower Meanings Explained

There are millions of flower meanings for the millions of flowers that exist around the world. The lotus signifies re-birth, while carnation meanings can change depending on the color. A red carnation signifies passionate love while a white one symbolizes pure love.

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