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The Complete Guide on Choosing a Video Game Arcade

Though video game arcades aren’t as prevalent as they were during the 1980s, there are still more than 160,000 arcades in the U.S. and hundreds of thousands more throughout the world.

Still, choosing the best video game arcade for your preferences and budget can be challenging, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve gamed at an arcade.

Keep reading to discover the factors you’ll want to consider when choosing an arcade.

How to Choose a Video Game Arcade

Video game arcades have never been more diverse. Some chain arcades function as restaurants and are aimed at adults, like Dave & Buster’s. However, there are also hi-tech chain arcades that cater to children and adults.

GameWorks was a great example of a multi-activity chain arcade suitable for all ages, but they recently decided to close all locations.

But chain arcades aren’t your only option. There are also locally-owned and operated arcades that function as video game bars, nightclubs, or kid-friendly video game arcades.

Picking the right one for you can be tricky, but you’ll increase your chances of selecting the best location by doing a few things. For example, you’ll want to:

  • Consider the available activities
  • Check out online reviews
  • Compare entry and activity prices

Consider the Available Activities

What kinds of games or activities are you looking for? Your answer is one of the best ways to narrow down your video game arcade search.

Video game options vary from themed pinball machines to rock climbing walls. Common arcade activities also include multi-player racing games, shooters, and merchandise-based games.

Some arcades also offer access to popular video game consoles and VR headsets. Additional activities, like go-kart racing, roller skating, mini-golf, or Viking Axe Throwing can also sweeten your experience.

No matter what your gaming preferences might be, you’ll want to check out your preferred arcade’s range of games and activities before your visit.

Check Out Online Reviews

Online reviews are a valuable resource when choosing a video game arcade. Lackluster arcades with a small selection of games are bound to receive negative reviews, while the opposite is true of high-quality arcades with lots of different activities.

Searching your chosen arcade on Google is a fantastic way to access unbiased reviews. That’s because most arcades have a Google Business Profile, allowing them to pop up on GoogleMaps and Google searches.

Reading online reviews, looking at customer photos, and seeing the venue owner’s feedback are fantastic ways to determine whether an arcade is worth visiting.

Compare Entry and Activity Prices

Some game arcades charge you to enter the arcade, while others only charge per game. Naturally, the most affordable option tends to be those that only charge per game.

It’s also worth noting that coin-operated arcade games are becoming far rarer. Card-operated or smartphone-operated games are quickly replacing them.

As such, many games require specific numbers of chips or credits. In addition, the cost for these digital tokens varies from location to location.

Most arcades have an upper token price limit of $100 and a minimum token price requirement of between $1 and $15.

Comparing arcade prices is a smart way to stick to a budget.

Pick a Top-Notch Arcade

Selecting the best video game arcade for you means considering the available activities, checking out online reviews, and comparing prices.

After all, some arcades only have pinball machines, while others have a variety of activities, including ax-throwing areas. Taking the time to consider the above factors can ensure you choose a location that suits your needs.

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