The Best Ways to Fight Off Loneliness on a Solo Adventure

The Best Ways to Fight Off Loneliness on a Solo Adventure

Travelling alone can be a wonderful experience. It’s your chance to see the world your way, without worrying about what other people want to do or where they want to go. Many people that travel alone come back having met wonderful people, learned more about the world around them, and have grown in both confidence and independence. Solo travel can change you in a way that group adventures never will.

But it can be scary. When you are alone there are far more safety precautions to consider, and you really do have to be brave sometimes. Then, there’s the loneliness. Even those of us that are comfortable with our own company can feel lonely in a new place, with no support or company. While this loneliness is perhaps inevitable, it shouldn’t ruin your trip. There’s plenty that you can do to beat it.

Make Plans

You probably want some flexibility and the chance to be spontaneous on your adventures. As you should. But loneliness often strikes in moments of boredom. When we’re feeling lost or have nothing to do, we miss other people and think of home more.

You don’t have to plan everything, but always having things to look forward to can help you to feel less alone and more in control of your trip.

Prepare Easy Ways to Pass Time

Boredom is the enemy of the lonely, but unfortunately, when we travel there’s not always much that we can do to avoid it. If you manage a trip without waits at airports, for coaches, to check in to hotels, or even for tables in restaurants, you’ve done very well.

When these boring times pop up, make sure you’ve got something easy to take your attention, to stop it drifting towards home. Books, podcasts, games on, downloaded TV shows and movies, and even old-fashioned puzzle books can be exceptionally useful.

Meet People

The best way to stop being lonely is, of course, to meet other people. This can be hard if you are travelling alone for the first time, and you may have to push yourself to say hello, but once you start, it gets easier.

Get chatting to locals, who might be keen to tell you more about their culture, and to other travellers who may have shared experiences that you can bond over.

Limit Social Media Scrolling

Staying in touch with friends and family back home is definitely a good thing. Text exchanges, video chat, and phone calls are great.

But scrolling through social media feeds looking at what everyone else is doing without direct communication might not be. If social media is making you homesick, try to stay away.

Be Kind to Yourself

Rest when you need to, relax as much as you can, do yoga and meditate, treat yourself to nice things and nurture your body. You are bound to be more homesick if you are tired, not having fun, or not feeling your best, so take good care of yourself.

Challenge Your Mind

Keeping your mind occupied can be a great way to fight off any kind of negativity. When you go to a new place, make an effort to learn about the history, culture, and language. Learn to cook local meals and have a go at some native crafts.

You are unlikely to avoid all homesickness while you travel alone. But there’s plenty that you can do to reduce it so that it doesn’t spoil your trip.