Strange Facts About Online Casino Games
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The Best Online Casino Design

It seems the magic word used by most online casinos in attracting new customers these days is “bonus”. For example, a free spins no deposit Australia 2022 bonus offer grants newbies a chance to earn payouts on real money video slot games before they even add bankroll to their gaming account.

But if you are looking to sign up with any online casino, just checking out the attractiveness of their bonus offers is not enough if you are only a bonus-hunter, more often than you would end up disappointed.

This post reveals those features that define the designs of the best online casino sites. Whether you are a new player or you run an online casino site, these features will improve your gaming experience or overall site offering, respectively.

Online Casinos are NOT Regular Websites

While the design emphasis for regular websites may be aesthetic, online casinos are much more than this. The best online casino designs fully understand the needs of their target audience and are specifically built to meet their gambling needs.

The best casino sites offer a gambling environment likened to a brick-and-mortar casino. It is often the ultimate design objective of most casinos, but the most successful casinos can strike a delicate balance between the usability and functionality of their online casinos.

Punters should have a seamless and intuitive experience when the site is launched. All players, new or old, should be able to navigate the site with control, speed, and consummate ease.

The best online gambling sites consider different design elements to attract traffic and steadily make their online casinos profitable.

Colours Influence Behaviour

They say nothing beats a good first impression. That is true when it comes to online casino gambling. The best casinos often have a unique colour theme. Psychologists say that colour has a powerful influence on human behaviour. For example, blue conveys trust while vibrant colours like orange or red portray openness.

Simple neutral colours like white or black are also popular background colour themes. These neutral colours help to highlight the clickable buttons on the site, which may be in bright colours. Neutral colours also help to highlight the casino’s brand name, logo and casino games.

While the best casinos customise their colour theme to suit their image and branding, they also use colours to meet their end goal, increasing traffic and profit margins.

Design Theme for Improved User Experience

Like the colour theme, the design theme of any online casino is very important. The design theme of the most successful online casinos instantly projects the casino’s brand in a professional light. The design theme also promotes the brand identity of the casino.

Simple designs are often the hardest to achieve. The best online casino design themes can boost the site’s image while at the same time offering visitors a platform that is easy to navigate and use.

The design theme also needs to be authoritative. It needs to show that the site is fully competent. The best casino sites showcase their gaming licences, certifications, awards, and partnerships. Design themes incorporate brand-related colour and a structured layout that improves user accessibility.

The site needs to be fast loading. Most punters have a low attention span, and slow, ponderous sites are at the very bottom of their bucket list. The best casinos offer simple design themes with legible, right-sized fonts and concise menus.

Fast Navigation Speed

Most punters are impatient and have zero tolerance for slow online casino sites. Most new players just want to try their hands out on available casino games, whether in demo or real money mode.

The best casino sites are fast loading. Punters can navigate the entire site in a short space of time. These casinos are also intuitive, interactive sites that use predictive algorithms to provide users with casino games that they may want to try out based on their search history, for example.

Considering popular and widely used design tips, we have to highlight the following ones.

Personalised Design Option

Apart from having a target-oriented design theme, top casinos also offer punters a chance to personalise their user interface. Dark or light theme options can help users enjoy navigating a casino site without worrying about their eyes.

Many sites offer useful widgets, dashboards, transaction summaries, etc., giving players the control and leverage they need. The user interface of any casino site is greatly improved with personalised design features.

Real-Time Customer Support

The world of online casino gambling is not excluded from social media and live chats. At least, this is the case with most top-notch online casino sites. Players should be able to communicate with customer support staff in real-time. The chat option in the casino design should be easily accessible and distinct in appearance.

With many online casino sites available, the most successful casinos provide on-the-spot responses to questions from would-be customers. Many sites have contact forms that connect back with customers on their emails and phone numbers.

Phone calls cost money, and prospective customers may be wary of making calls to solicit answers to nagging questions. Also, punters may be reluctant to send our email enquiries because of the preconceived notion that their urgent enquiry would not be treated with the urgency required.

The best sites have an active live chat feature incorporated into their site design. With the live chat, new visitors to the site wishing to communicate with a member of the customer support team can do so in real-time.

Other Added Design Features

  • Frequently Asked Question or FAQ: A FAQ page is an alternative to live chat or any other customer support option. You can get ready-made answers to questions, saving you time and effort.
  • Payment Methods: The best casino designs offer various payment options with clickable icon links of the payment methods visible and available.
  • Simplistic Sign-Up Form: Signing up with a casino should be quick and stress-free. That is why a simple sign up form is what most top-ranked casinos provide.


As crucial as bonuses are, they arguably pale compared to the layout of an online casino. The design of an online casino site is equally, if not more important than just bonuses.

Since the design is the first thing, you notice when you visit a casino gambling site. It, therefore, goes without saying that a pleasant, functional site would be more attractive to most punters than a crudely designed casino, even though the latter may offer outstanding bonuses like the free spins no deposit Australia 2022.