The Best DIY Projects for a Summer House

The Best DIY Projects for a Summer House

Summer houses are amazing! Sometimes known as a garden room, garden cabin, or garden house, a summer house is the perfect little getaway on your property but away from your actual house, and it needs some decoration!

Choosing Your DIY Project

With all of the projects and DIY tips on TV, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the options to decorate your summer house. You need to focus and narrow down your search to the best of the best!

From repurposed pallets, string lights, and everything in between, these are seven top DIY projects for a summer house!

A Gallery Wall

If you want to make your summer house look like something other than a normal room, try adding a cheerful gallery wall! There are tons of examples for this decorating style, so go ahead and get searching.

Photos are fantastic for creating small intimate spaces that are just begging to be shared, and a gallery wall is perfect, but if you haven’t got a suitable wall, why not add some more interesting photos art such as 3d crystal photos or desktop canvases?

String Lights

String lights are perfect for summer houses because they create a romantic ambiance while also giving it a rustic feel.

If you want an entirely new look on your summer house, all you need to do is add string lights to the bedroom ceiling and make it look like an enchanted forest.

You can change up the atmosphere by having pink lights during the daytime and blue ones at night or keeping it red all day for that extra warm glow.

DIY Pallet Furniture

There’s not a better way to add furniture to your summer house than repurposing pallets!

There are so many uses for pallets; you could even use the wood pieces to go along with the theme of your home and decorate it with all sorts of other items.

Wall Decals

What is it about walls that make them so boring? Walls are meant to be adorned with art, photo frames, drawings, decals, paintings, sayings… The possibilities are endless!

You’ll love wall decals because they can be used for many different types of things that will make your little retreat even better. You can put posters on the walls of your summer house, or you can even put decals of quotes that will inspire you to be better!

A Sliding Glass Door

A glass door will bring more natural light into your summer house, and it will also look cool!

If you have a narrow area where you can fit it in, sliding glass doors are great because they’re not too heavy.

DIY Pallet Headboard

This is the perfect project to go along with some of the other pallet ideas because you can display beautiful photos on your pallets!

You’ll probably want to use several different types of wood to create the finishing touches. You can also make a nightstand if you don’t have an actual headboard.

Garden Lights

Garden lights are fantastic; they’re not only pretty but also remind you of the holidays whenever you see them!

You might even want to put Christmas lights in your garden during the wintertime for a fun decoration to make your summer house look all warm and homey.