Joint Supplements

The Benefits of Perfectly Formulated Joint Supplements

The maintenance of a strong skeletal system is crucial for good bone health. Have you ever wondered how different activities you do daily are made possible? It all boils down to a skeletal system that is strong enough to support your body. A compromise in bone health consequently results in soft bone, which poses a greater risk to your health. It may result in a bone break if the bones are not strong enough.

Nowadays, the importance of good bone health is pronounced, and people utilize different joint supplements in maintaining their bone health. However, people have the wrong conception about bone health. They attribute the formation of strong bones to high levels of calcium in the body. This is true to some extent, because calcium occupies a more significant portion of bone mineral. Still, calcium alone cannot function without the sufficient level of some other nutrients. As a result of this misconception, the ratio of calcium to other important bone minerals and vitamins is low in a larger portion of the population.

A blend of nutrients is essential for the proper functioning of the whole body. Some nutrients cannot produce any effect without the presence of other nutrients. One such is the case of bone minerals and vitamins. There must be sufficient availability of magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium in adequate proportion for a strong skeletal system. 

Calcium cannot be absorbed from the digestive system without the presence of vitamin D. Therefore, calcium from dietary sources or joint supplements will not be available for use if the body is deficient in vitamin D. Apart from bone health, vitamin D is also important in supporting muscle fibers and in maintaining immunity which makes it deficiency a greater risk to your health. More importantly, enzymes involved in turning vitamin D into a useful form in the body are required to be activated by magnesium. This means magnesium lies at the bottom chain upon which other bone nutrients depend. Therefore, to ensure your body is fit, you need to have a perfect blend of these nutrients. 

Even though these nutrients are readily available from dietary sources, their levels are declining because they are lost as foods are being refined. This is why you need external sources such as joint supplements that will contain a perfect ratio of these nutrients. One is USANA MagneCal D.

With USANA MagneCal D, you don’t need to have different joint supplements that contain additional minerals or vitamins because it contains a perfect ratio of the important bone minerals. USANA MagneCal D supports different aspects of good health (both bone and general health). These include:

  • Formation of strong bones and teeth.
  • Supports proper functioning of nerves and muscle.
  • Maintenance of good cardiovascular health.
  • Supports proper energy metabolism.

USANA MagneCal D contains an equal ratio (1:1) of calcium and magnesium together with an advanced level of vitamin D. This combination altogether ensures you get the right amount of these nutrients that match your dietary needs. Also, USANA MagneCal D, in contrast to other joint supplements, contains silicon and boron, which are important in maintaining good bone health.

Health Benefits of USANA MagneCal D

  • Effective Bone Mineralization

USANA MagneCal D supplies the essential minerals that are contained in the bones. This supports the formation of strong, healthy bones and provides a perfect environment when new bones are to be formed. It also makes it possible for the body to utilize these minerals as storage reservoirs when needed for other body functions.

  • Provides good skeletal support for your muscle and nerve

The neuromuscular system is made up of blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and skeletal muscle tissue. Ingredients contained in USANA® MagneCal D™ support healthy bone mineralization, which consequently provides support for the neuromuscular system.