The Benefits of Having Two Monitors

Are you a fan of computers and technology? The first mechanical computer can be traced back to 1822 by Charles Babbage.

You might be wondering how to increase your speed and make your desk a better setup for work. This article will take a look at one of the top technology trends, having 2 monitors. Read on to explore why this is beneficial and how it can speed up your work today!

How Do Dual Monitors Work?

When you set up a second monitor, it’s when you use 2 screens that use a single computer. Most computers are capable of having a second monitor. You can view here for more about whether to use a laptop or tablet.

What You’ll Need

There aren’t any software requirements. You’ll need a graphics card that has more than one video connector.

Most desktop motherboards will have 2 or 3 video connectors. Dedicated graphics cards might have more than 4.

Any restrictions will be due to the hardware. This is because many integrated graphics solutions have 2 displays.

  1. High Resolution

When you use multiple monitors, you’ll receive a higher resolution for less money. Higher resolution displays cost less now, but it’s still much less to go with two monitors.

  1. Work From Home

Having 2 computer monitors can speed up your productivity, especially when working from home. This will allow you to look at multiple web pages and documents at once.

Think about when you’re looking to collect data from multiple sources at once and you’re switching from tab to tab. With this, you can see multiple items at once without having to switch where you’re looking.

  1. Gaming

Many who like to game choose dual monitors. This is because it allows you to enjoy one extra-wide screen. Also, if you get stuck in your game, you can check online on your second screen.

  1. Multi-Tasking

You can use multiple programs at once. If you have one monitor, it doesn’t allow you to multi-task as easily. You can check a file while replying to an email all at the same time.

  1. Increase Collaboration

It makes collaboration easier since you can communicate with employees easier. You can work on a project on one monitor while speaking with your employees on the other.

You can keep in touch with management, employees, and customers on one screen without having to quit what you’re doing. It lets you use Slack, Zoom, and Skype. Dual monitors work well with laptops and other mobile devices as well.

Now that you’ve explored this guide on technology trends and the benefits of having 2 monitors, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Make the switch and see how you can get work done faster.

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