Technologies Essential for Convenience Stores? by Sageer Nelliparamban

Convenience stores are essential segments of retailer business with steady revenue streams due to their convenient nature. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has become the major cause for ending up numerous retail businesses across the world and also has a great impact on this stable revenue source by switching the competitive landscapes which enable the c-stores to compete with all other convenience retailers. Despite a pandemic, c-stores were able to grow by 3.3 percent inside the store sales last year, which was even greater than the in-store sales with 26 percent generated by the c-store retailer industry in 2019.

The current scenario of markets illustrates an important fact that everyone wants to shop promptly without spending hours in markets as saving time is a top priority for all. As such, the business owners are having the responsibility to look after the shopping experiences of their buyers. Consumers are progressively anticipating their buying choices to be made at the point of requirement in a merchandise space. Smartphone has come to be an essential conduit between a need and desire, and its procurement, since it is the store that is open 24/7 for you. This urges the c-stores to exceed this physical retail shopability, outset novel, and innovative opportunities to fulfill the demands of digital sales.

Usually, big business setups employ technical solutions to overcome these complications but for small retailer startups, this matter is still of major concern. But the utilization of useful software, interactive technology, automation, and connectivity through the wireless system has opened up new ways for c-stores to upgrade to an advanced level. Is it natural for a small-scale business owner to think twice about the fact that investing in technology and software would prove profitable for them? This bewilderment has been overcome with vast fringe benefits offered by various software and technologies due to their broader prospects in the field of business.

IT teams have evaluated all the convenience store software but four software (POS systems, ThinkTime, Scorpion planogram, and Jolt) amongst all are considered most effective in enhancing the profitable retailer processes. The employment of software and technology in c-stores provides management to these store owners that are responsible to check each operation regarding business and trade. Furthermore, c-stores are provided with more convenient ways for stock management and effortless checkouts with the advent of technology. The software and technology provide forecast analysis, applications such as B2B and B2C for reduced time and fast delivery, and help businesses to integrate useful approaches for handling expanded demands of the future. Therefore, these software-based and technology-associated solutions give functional strategies for the replenishment of stores, making decisions, and extended inventory management.

Moreover, they also have a lot more to offer in terms of efficiently improving the stores’ associated daily operations. For instance, they inform the owner about the unavailability of stock along with the details of fast selling and low selling items. They facilitate the billing procedure by scanning the item and give complete detail on your screen automatically, hence providing the consumers with easy checkout that can be integrated which leads to the enhancement of precision in monitoring and accounting of items. Convenience stores are currently reassessing their ongoing business operations to make sure they can meet the inconsistent world of buyers’ demands. As this pandemic proceeds to be a worldwide issue,  convenience stores will find supply chains that embrace the latest technology and software that will offer them adaptability and dexterity.

Sageer M. Nelliparamban is an adroit software engineer and distinguished for his innovations and extensive knowledge about the latest current industry trends and advancements. He achieved numerous certifications and hold degrees in Masters in Information Technology, and Masters of Information Technology Management. Mr. Nelliparamban worked as a CTO of Online and zil money in Texas, USA, and also gave his services to Tyler petroleum Inc. As a Management officer, he worked with Telstra-Australia and has an excellent career in the retailer industry with 10+ years. He is currently serving as a Senior Developer, Designer, and Innovator at East Texas imperial Petroleum, Tyler, Texas USA.