As young as we were; Teacher Jane and Norah’s father wouldn’t allow us to live on our own. As such, we lived with Norah and her father. There was no hurt, no grudges, no misunderstandings, no quarreling all was well.

Norah’s father would give us anything we asked for. Especially me, he could even tell that I was his favorite daughter, though I knew he was not even my father! He took the four of us to very expensive school! I knew he was just using my money! Anyway, it was nice to live with him; he was funny, when he was drunk; he would dance for us, do all sorts of funny things! But what I didn’t forget in my mind was, my parents left me houses and cars, and no one would swindle me, not Norah’s father, not teacher Jane, not anyone! I was sure of that because I kept all the documents by myself.

One day, early in the morning; I woke up went to the bathroom and went back to the bedroom! Nancy, Fatima and Norah were still sleeping. I sat on bed watching Nancy snoring. Then after some time, I went back in the blankets. I got my phone and logged in on Facebook. I was busy reading and sharing memes! People were really funny on Facebook those days! As I was busy enjoying my social life there; someone knocked. With no doubt; that was Norah’s father! I jumped off the bed, walked to the door, and opened; indeed, it was him! “Good morning father,” I said. He told us to be calling him father from the time we left the orphanage. “Good morning, how was your night?” He asked. “Fine,” I replied. “Are your friends still sleeping?” He asked. “Yes,” I answered. “Tell them to wake up,” he ordered, “we have a big day today.” Big day, what big day? I wondered. “What do you mean big day?” I asked. He smiled and said, “I was just joking, you can go,” he said and walked away. I stood staring at him, “He has never joked with me like that when he’s sobber.

He could have done this when he is drunk,” I thought. Then I closed the door and went back to bed. I got my phone and continued what I was doing. Few minutes later; there was a knock again! “What does he want now?” I asked myself as I walked to the door. I opened, “father,” I said. “I want to send you somewhere,” he said, and he had car keys in his hands and a black book on the other hand. “Where?” I asked. “Go to Aunt Jane, and give her this book,” he said and passed the car keys and the book to me. “You should hurry,” he said and walked away. I quickly, threw the keys and the book on a table and headed to the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, ran back to the bedroom, put a quick make up, and I was off.

I walked out, and stood staring at ten cars parked. “Six of these cars are mine,” I said in my heart. I then pressed the remote to see which car would respond, Bingo; it was BMW X3, my favorite car, I enjoyed driving it because it was so comfortable for me. I quickly ran to it, opened the door, threw the book behind, started the engine, and I was off.
I never believed in ‘speed kills’ no, I would drive just like my father! Life was really good. At 23, I was able drive, I had completed my 5year program; I was just free minded! It didn’t take me more than ten minutes; I was by teacher Jane’s gate. I hooted and the gate was opened for me, I drove in! I parked the car, got the book and went to the house!

The guard didn’t bother me; he knew who I was! As I was about to knock on the door; the door opened! Who opened? Aunt Jane! “Silvia, good morning,” she said. “Morning,” I responded. “I heard the gate opening so I came to check,” she said. “Yes, it’s me. Dad has sent me to bring this book to you,” I said. With a sleepy face; she stared at the book; “Oh, this book? Now why early in the morning?” She asked and got the book. “I don’t know,” I said.

I really didn’t know why he sent me to take the book as early as it was! She flipped some pages checking what’s in the book. “I think I will be on my way,” I said when I remembered I had left my phone, and I was expecting a call from my better half! “No, you can’t go now,” Aunt Jane said, “Come in you have a cup of coffee. I know how much you love coffee.” Of course I loved coffee, but I never wanted coffee at that particular moment. “Aunty, I have left something home. OK I will come back as soon as possible,” I promised. “No, you can’t refuse, this is also your house. I don’t even remember the last time you ate something from this house. Today, you have to,” she ordered. Was eating something from someone’s house a forcing matter? I wondered. Anyway, to keep peace; I walk…

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