Taking care of your eyes using advanced technology

Taking care of your eyes using advanced technology

In the last few years, medical apps have burgeoned in the apps industry. This advanced technology is useful to both medical practitioners and patients. If you are worried about the long hours your child spends staring at a digital device screen a day, you can get an eye health app to help you reduce the negative impact of the device light on their vision.

The best thing is that you can also use them to control your screen time. These apps come with features that allow them to sit in your device quietly while counting every minute until it’s time for you to take a break. You choose how long to work before taking a break and the length of the break.

Features to check for children eye health apps

  • Remote lock

It should allow you to lock the device remotely. This means you can stop your child from using their smart gadget any time, even when far from them.

  • Device-free settings

With the app, you should set timings without touching the child’s device. It reduces the possibilities of bad arguments and fussing as your child will definitely resist the control measures.

  • App and browser blocking

As a parent, the eye app should enable you to block apps and sites with inappropriate content for your child.

  • Blue Light activation

Blue light activation prevents poor sleeping patterns in children and adults. It also reduces eye strain.

  • Safe zone

Apart from protecting your child’s eyes, the app should come with additional features such as safe zone settings. This allows you to track a child’s movements and get alerted when they go beyond the safe areas.

Features to check for children eye health apps

How an eye health app protects the eyes

  • Distance Detection

The app reminds the user to hold the device at a safe face-to-screen distance.

  • Break Reminder

A good eye break should be after every thirty minutes. An app allows you to set a break reminder to give your eyes time to rest.

  • Posture Detection

Besides taking care of the eyes, a good eye health app should remind you to maintain a good healthy posture when using your device.

  • Dim light detection

When using your device in a poorly lit environment, the app alerts you. It prevents digital eye straining caused by the sharp light of the device.

  • Specs reminder

If you wear spectacles and forget to do it when using your device, the app quickly reminds you. It is especially important for children who are likely to forget or overlook the importance of putting on their specs when using their device.

Most blindness is preventable. What you need are regular care and timely checkups. Currently, advanced technology has brought applications used in phones and computers. While they may be useful in different ways, they are also harmful to your eyes. Luckily, you can now use an eye health app to maintain good eye health and prevent complications that can cause blindness in the future. There are many apps with features to control time spent in front of digital device screens; choose what suits you best.