Technology has brought much new development into our lives including what we consider strange. Let's consider reviews for the new dating app named Tybby Dates which was launched on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 for cat lovers.

Tabby Dates, The New Dating App For Cat Lovers Review

Cat Lovers Dating App: Technology has brought much recent development into our lives including what we consider strange. Let’s consider reviews for the new dating app named Tybby Dates which was launched on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 for cat lovers.

What is Tabby Dates?

Tabby also referred to as cat lovers dating app is the cat-person’s dating application that helps you to find someone who will love your kitty as much as you do, or find someone to get a cat with.

This is an opportunity for cat lovers to date and finds matches based on a common interest. The application has a purpose to help you date a cat-person who has their own cat – or even their own clowder! Cat photos are the best photos.

Tybby Dates app allows you to add photos of you and your kitties in your profile and adding captions to each photo, too!  That’s not all, the Cat Dating App, Tabby Dates, allows cat lovers to share stories, your favorite cat-friendly locations, date ideas, and cat-friendly events in Tabby’s online Cat Tree.

According to the app’s description, the Cat Tree is a social feed within the app. that allows users to Like and comment on photos posted by other cat-lovers as well as showcasing their cat’s personality!

Tybby Dates allows cat lovers to highlight their cat with tags like “lap kitty,” is a “hunter,” and is an “influencer.” This helps to give everyone a heads up that your cat “sleeps in the bed,” is “allowed on the table,” or is “hairless!”

How to Download Tabby Dates (Cat Lovers Dating App)

Tybby Dates is available for Android and iOS users. You can download the app from the following links:

Tabby Dates is available on Google Playstore (cat lovers dating ap) Download Link for Android here

Tabby Dates Download Link for iOS here

Tabby Dates App Review

One thing we consider these days when we want to download an app is the size due to space availability on our phones. Tabby Dates application (cat lovers dating app) is lightweight and available for the two most used operating systems.

The good news is Tabby Dates is free to download and use. Currently, there hasn’t been any information about whether there will be future charges for using the application.

The app requires Android version 5.0 and above to use this means that it supports most Phones.

Technology has brought much new development into our lives including what we consider strange. Let's consider reviews for the new dating app named Tybby Dates which was launched on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 for cat lovers.

Users review so far on iOS for Cat lovers Dating App


Love this

Easy to use. So much better than just checking a box that says “ok with cats” and hoping for a match. Glad this is finally available!!!

Just launched. So has quite a few bugs and fixes.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the app progresses because it has great potential. I know it’s within hours of launching, so I expect there to be bugs. However, there are a few things that need to be addressed. The app is pretty buggy. I would have to click on buttons multiple times to get them to work and sometimes I would click on something and it would take me to the wrong page. The app keeps asking me to verify my email, but there is no link to click or place in the settings to do so. I looked in my email and junk folder to see if it automatically sent one out and nothing. None of the sorting features work. I’m interested in men and all the profiles popping up are of women with various age ranges from all over the country. If the app is set up so people can also meet friends also, make it a separate section. I would love to see a different way to sort ages. 10 year increments is just too big of a gap for some and doesn’t allow for custom age ranges such as 28-35. I don’t want to have to sort through a bunch of 18 year olds because I’m interested in meeting someone in their late 20s.


Find my purrfect person!

Tabby is definitely the place to meet other emotional, dedicating, patient, caring cat-people looking for love


A little buggy and every edit to your profile must be approved first

This app feels like a beta test leaving a lot to be desired. For instance, there are only 10+ year age range options for you to select instead of a custom range. Meaning if I want to talk to someone around my age (29) I must select 18-30 and 30-40. I’m not really interested in matching with 18 year olds nor 40 year olds.

Also, every edit you do to your profile, whether it’s to update your bio or add a photo must get approved by admins first. I understand why they are doing this, but at the same time it takes 6+ hours for things to get approved. I can’t imagine how long it’s going to take them once they get more users.

I really like the concept and I hope with time, the app become more customizable user friendly. Biggest thing I think they should add is what the user is looking for. It’d allow more compatible match ups (cat play dates vs romantic dates).


Review is for the set up process

As this is a brand new app I just started setting up a profile and me no happy.

A. Profile photos can’t be dragged, cropped, or anything. Why?

B. I am forced to write a headline for my profile. Why? This isn’t LinkedIn.

C. The age range can only be selected in 10 year intervals. I’m in my mid 30’s. I want to match with 29 year olds but alas, they’re in the 18-30 group. Don’t want 18 year olds! Same goes with me being ok with matches who are in their early 40’s, but I’m not interested in more than a 10 year age gap. Why not use a slide ruler like every other app or allow me to set a specific age range?

D. You can’t skip steps when building your profile, and there’s no draft mode for your profile. I just wanted to see what setup would be like so I had to type out a bunch of stuff and upload photos. Guess how great my surprise was when I discovered that I can’t view my profile (the reason I went in to play around with it) because it’s being reviewed by the app’s creators! So I couldn’t crop my photo, and now I am unable to tell if it even fully fits in the photo window because the profile is under initial review.

Tabby founders: you’ve already reinvented the wheel by giving us an app that focuses on our love for cats. Please make the rest of it easy to use, and appealing. No need to reinvent the concept of dating profiles to this degree.

I was excited about this app and now I’m discouraged by the profile-setup process.

Will be happy to edit once I see changes.

Horrible app

There is no option to opt out of all the emails you constantly receive. And every photo of myself or my cat got deleted. After I got my account set up, I log back in and everything is deleted. I understand it’s a new app but this was a terrible experience. Do not recommend.


Maybe I’m just bitter…

After trying to set up my profile yesterday, I got an email saying that it was “deemed unsuitable by the administration team”. The email only contained a link to update the profile, but no other information. It takes me to a page that gives me no hints as to what I need to change, so it makes it seem like I either just change everything/start from scratch, or edit little bits at a time and then wait hours to find out on if something has been approved or not. I was really looking bag forward to this, but between my problem with it, and the other problems people are having, I don’t know if I’ll even bother trying again

This is an early state of fewer than 200 downloads of the app. We will keep reviewing and you posted once there are more uses and information to update however you can also leave your review below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tabby Dates

How do I change my age?

Tabby Dates does not allow changing of date of birth after Sign up. This is to check abuse of the app and the system however, if needed, you can email the support team for assistance at: [email protected]

Why Did Tabby Dates Delete or Reject my Picture?

Most often your picture might be rejected in violation of any terms and conditions of their service as listed here

The following rules must be followed as well as Tabby Dates:

  • Photos may not contain pictures of children under the age of 18 under any circumstance. This includes anything that could be affiliated with children e.g. children’s clothes, schoolgirl fancy dress, photos taken in a child’s bedroom or playroom etc.
  • Your face must be discernible in the photos of you
  • They may post no nudity or pornographic material
  • A photo must be yours or you must have permission to use the photo
  • No photos showing drug use, obscene behavior, or other illicit activity
  • No watermarks, symbols, or text over photos
  • Photos must be posted in the correct area of the profile.
  • Photos with no people and no cats will be removed. Your main profile photo must contain an image of you (we suggest an image of you with your cat if you have one!). The “you” section of your profile must contain images of you, and the “cats” section of your profile must contain images of cats. The “cats” section of the profile is the only location where you may upload photos solely of your cats without images of yourself.