Surprising foods that are actually good for your teeth

Surprising foods that are actually good for your teeth

Teeth are prime! Best oral health care isn’t just brushing and flossing your teeth and keep sugar to the lowest level. Remember, prevention is the only medicine for your good teeth. Taking care of your teeth isn’t tough.

As a matter of fact, you can even make your teeth healthier while you eat! Even though fillings, crowns, and whitening can help your teeth become muscular and shiny, it’s better to get rid of cavities and blotches firstly. You might hear, you are what you eat. And in no better place, it can be applicable than in your teeth. If you’re struggling to get top marks in your upcoming dental session, the food you swallow plays an essential role in overall oral health. Even if no food can replace the desire for brushing our teeth, few surprising foods are healthy for your teeth. Here are the best foods that are surprisingly healthy for your teeth. So keep reading the article, make your shopping list, and prepare yourself to add some teeth-friendly food items.


Vitamin D is essential for your overall health, but it’s really beneficial if you need healthy teeth as well. The main reason why it is good for oral health is that it effectively assist your body to absorb calcium. Salmon is loaded with Vitamin D and calcium as well, making it a versatile superfood for providing maintenance to healthy teeth and gums. Salmon is loaded with phosphorus, an essential mineral for defending against tooth enamel.

Meat and Fish

Most meats are just best for your oral health. They are filled with few necessary nutrients. Red meat and even organ meats are particularly advantageous as they have an abundant amount of minerals and essential vitamins like Vitamin D, fish are a crucial part of any teeth-friendly diet. Chewing meat generates saliva, that aids in decreasing acidity in your mouth and disintegrates such particles of food that lead to decay. Fish is the best food for healthy teeth and gums. Some studies tell that Omega 3s make helps in earlier healing and recovering of gum tissue during periodontal therapy. It also spurs brain health!


Strawberries have an abundant amount of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and also malic acid, which could surprisingly help you in teeth whitening. The collagen in the dentin of teeth relies on vitamin C for maintaining its firmness and shape through synthesis. Eating enough strawberries will really help keep your teeth stainless. Don’t forget that strawberry seeds can get inserted between your teeth, therefore ensure that you floss after consuming them. Be sure your diet constitutes of fresh fruits and veggies packed with vitamin C, like apples, pears, strawberries, pineapples, tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, and cucumbers.

Sesame seeds

On their own as a light meal or baked into bread, sesame seeds will boost the strength of your teeth in two ways. In the first place, as everyone knows, they are high in calcium, and secondly, they remove plaque germs by scrubbing from your teeth as you chew. Just make sure any seeds stuck between your teeth should be discarded immediately. But, if you have already oral dental issues please avoid and visit your dentist. You can go to a professional and skilled dentist near you in your country or city. There are also some highly professional dentist are available online such as dentist hk

Onion & Garlic

All right, perhaps garlic isn’t a go-to for fresh inhalation. Yet it is packed with allicin that has powerful antimicrobial properties. So, it can serve you in fighting tooth decay and particularly periodontal disease. It inhibits the activity of a broad range of bacteria that can bring about a variation in the oral environment.

Again, maybe not the prime option for fresh breath. When eaten raw, onions have strong antibacterial characteristics mainly against some of the bacteria that eventually result in cavities and gum disease.

Chewing Gum

Of each best food for teeth, you’ll notice a non-food item that’s also advantageous: chewing gum. Even though it’s not a food, chewing sugar-free gum accelerates saliva production, which in turn helps wash away injurious acids and, as an additional advantage, it makes your breath fresh! Sugar-free gum cleans your teeth by increasing the production of saliva as it is the best way to wash away acids and also soaks the teeth in bone-strengthening calcium and phosphate. So, if you have an Invisalign issue please avoid chewing gum. You must make a checkup from your professional and skilled dentist. Highly professional and skilled dentists are available online for Invisalign like Invisalign in Hong Kong.


Cheese partners, rejoice! It’s one of the best recommend food by dentists for better dental health. When you imagine all healthy foods for your oral health, cheese does not cross your mind, but it is amazingly good for your teeth. If you’re craving a mid-afternoon snack and searching for food items good for teeth, cheese can be the best option. Cheese is also packed with phosphate, which helps to prevent tooth enamel by neutralizing pH levels in the mouth. But the most recent research suggests that cheese — particularly sharp blends like cheddar is packed with calcium, which is necessary for healthy teeth and bones.


Celery is most likely the nearest thing to nature’s dental floss. The crumbly and thready surface makes for a very beneficial natural teeth cleaner. As you chew celery, it starts cleaning your teeth and rubs your gums in the procedure, while all that chewing will also provide a large amount of saliva to neutralize bacteria. Celery is a useful source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and fiber too. It can bring many other benefits if you eat on empty stomach. (source)

Green & Black tea

Tea also tends to be plentiful of fluoride, which is a widely known requirement for healthy teeth. Imagine polyphenols! What makes green and black tea healthy for your teeth is polyphenols. Polyphenols help fight against bacteria and also helps to defend against cavities. However, some black tea may stain your teeth. Like red wine, black teas tend to possess a high concentration of tannin, which stimulates staining. Not unexpectedly, teas that have a low amount of tannins—green tea, white tea, and herbal tea—usually can’t discolor your teeth.


Apart from old fashioned fluorated water, milk is the best drink for your teeth. It’s high in calcium and other essential elements. Milk, just like cheese, also minimizes the amount of acid in the mouth, which helps in the prevention of tooth decay. Together with water, milk is the finest drink.