Stubby holders: Warmth to hands and not to drinks

Stubby holders: Warmth to hands and not to drinks

A stubby holder is a piece of foam or fabric designed to hold a container or a can. They are used to maintain the chillness of the drinks and do not let warmth penetrate. It simply acts as an insulator. From bottles taken to the gym to cool drink cans, stubby holders are everywhere these days. The new trend of buying personalised stubby holders online is common among most youngsters.

Why are they called ‘Stubby holders’?

This name originated in Australia. Stubby refers to a 375mL beer bottle and is shorter and fatter than the typical bottles of 330 ml. These neoprene coolers were brought from the US to Australia in the mid-eighties. The first few pieces got sold out in no time. It was because they were efficient insulators and much need in summer!

Outside Australia, these stubby holders have their names as Koozies and are becoming increasingly popular in other countries.

They are the new summer need. With the increasing temperatures during summer, having chilled drinks anywhere is possible with these stubby holders these days. They give warmth to hands but keep the drinks insulated, keeping them cold for a longer time. They are of different materials like leather, foam, neoprene, and other fabrics. The neoprene type is the most effective and helps with better insulation.

Personalizing needs

Buying personalized stubby holders online is just a click away. These stubby holders will have colors and designs of one’s choice. They are entirely personalized and come in unique designs. It is necessary finding the right store online that will help to bring one’s ideas into reality.

Why go for personalized ones?

The traditional stubby holders come in solid colors and pre texted messages. But buying personalized stubby holders online will bring one out from the old-school fashion. Personalized stubby holders are taking an edge over the normal ones. There are several reasons why this is happening.

  1. They are identifiers

Personalized stubby holders can be the right choice to be taken along to the gym or high school. Summer is here, and everybody has got a drink in their hand. To easily make out one’s can in crowded places like these, personalizing stubby holders may help.

  1. They are pretty gifts

These stubby holders give warmth to the heart when gifted. Undoubtedly, personalizing stubby holders and gifting them at events like Birthdays or anniversaries is a sweet gesture. These holders act as unique gifts and, the next time an event arises, one doesn’t have to scratch their heads to pick a gift!

Weddings have seen more stubby holders gifted with the pictures of the bride and groom on them! They act as gifts for a lifetime and are memorable ones. Personalized gifts are now on the fashion lane, and people prefer buying them for any occasion.

  1. They help businesses grow

Stubby holders are not pricey. They are an economical choice to help your business grow. Growing business firms can offer these stubby holders gifts to attract potential customers. Offering these holders as freebies can help people interested in one’s company and its products. In recent days, the personalized freebie is becoming a popular marketing strategy!

  1. They promote brands

These stubby holders can help promote business brands with their name or logo. It becomes easy for people to remember a brand name. They start to judge a brand based on these promotional products and, a quality mug with a pretty stubby holder may do some help. Finding one’s target audience and delivering these branded holders can help a long way for one’s brand remembrance.

Buying a personalized stubby holder can bring a wide range of benefits this summer!