Storage Unit Sizes: How to Estimate the Unit Size You’ll Need

As a nation, America has one of the highest annual moving rates in the world. About one-quarter of American families move each year.

Oftentimes, renting a storage unit is an integral part of the moving process. Whether you need a storage unit for the long term or for a few weeks, it’s important to know the right storage unit size for your belongings.

How can you estimate the storage unit sizes that will work for you?

Avoid the pitfalls of renting a storage unit that is too small or too large. Read on for our guide to estimating appropriate storage unit sizes.

Start With an Inventory

Before you head for a storage unit size estimator, it’s important to take an inventory of your belongings. Assessing your storage needs can help you make more informed choices about how much storage space you really need.

Start by donating or selling any items you don’t really need to bring with you. Once you’ve pared down your belongings, reassess any existing storage space you already have. That might be space in your moving van or storage space in your home.

Now, take an inventory of what’s leftover. How many boxes do you have? How many pieces of furniture, bags, and other belongings do you need to store?

Take Measurements

Compile your storage inventory and take measurements. We recommend measuring your belongings in cubic feet, or length x width x height. Measuring square footage can be useful, but it’s important to know how stacking your belongings makes a difference.

To get an idea of what size storage units you’ll need, let’s take a look at the standard sizes most storage unit companies rely on.

Typically, a small storage unit is about 200-400 cubic feet. You can fit about one room’s worth of items in a small storage unit. Medium storage units are about 600-1200 cubic feet and large storage units are about 1600-2400 cubic feet.

Compare Measurements to Storage Units Near You

While the above storage unit sizes reflect the average breakdown of storage units, it’s important to get specific. Some storage unit companies may deviate from these sizes. Plus, you’ll want to shop around for locations and pricing that work best for your needs.

Take a look at Stache Monkey Storage to get an idea of a good price for storage. Oftentimes, local storage companies offer better services and pricing that the national corporations just can’t match.

Get the Right Storage Unit Sizes For Your Needs

Whether you’re getting ready for your next big move or outgrowing your current home, a storage unit can come in handy. Making sure you know what storage unit sizes you need can help you save money and make the best choice for you.

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