Step by step guide: make moving to a new workspace successful

A step by step guide to successfully move into a new workspace

Sometimes moving to a new premise is necessary. Over the last year, many businesses have changed the way they work. Research shows that 50% of the UKs biggest employers don’t plan to bring staff back to the office full time, so the way in which we use our offices is changing.

From wanting a new trendy workspace to needing more room after you’ve grown the team or even downsizing – there are plenty of reasons to move offices.

However, moving to a new premise can be tricky with lots of elements to consider – so preparation is key. To help make the move as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a quick guide to help make your move a success.

Determine your schedule

Firstly, decide when you’ll move. Decide on a date where everything has to be moved out of the old office into the new one and stick to it. You’ll need to organize removal well in advance, especially for a larger office.

Assign tasks and set up a move-in committee if needed

Moving offices shouldn’t be left to just one person. Make sure you get staff involved from the offset so that everything goes smoothly. You could even set up a committee!

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Committees can be helpful as you can plan together what needs to happen, and two (or ten!) brains are better than one.

Create a new office plan and layout

Often overlooked, it is important to know how your new office will look. Try to avoid having employees with their backs turned to the doors, as this is where clients will enter. If you can, a welcoming reception area is perfect for greeting visitors.

Try to avoid “school exam hall” style layouts with rows of desks, as they can stifle creativity.

Change your legal documents

You must remember to send your new address to anyone who may legally require it. This includes changing your Articles of Incorporation and alerting your insurance provider and bank.

It’s also a good idea to tell your clients you are moving too!

Speak to your landlord

Make sure you speak to your landlord about your plans to move and give an official notice. You will need to check your lease, but in general, this is two months. If you don’t do this in good time, you may end up paying for two premises at once, eating into your profit margins.

Clean and let the old office as it was before

It’s important that you leave the office as you found it, and make sure it is spotlessly clean. Make sure you clean everything from top to bottom, including any office fridges, microwaves or ovens.

You should also ensure all the desks have been thoroughly wiped and disinfected – a multi-purpose cleaner and damp cloth is perfect for this.

Keep employees in the loop

Moving can be difficult for employees to navigate, especially if the new office is a few miles away. Changing offices may mean a change in commute or reduced desk space if you’re downsizing.

By communicating to employees throughout, you can help iron out any initial concerns and ensure everyone is happy once move-in day arrives.

It’s move-in day!

Once you’ve completed the above steps, it’s time to move the equipment across and get used to your new desk. As moving offices is a big change for anyone, allow your employees to gradually settle in and adjust to a new working life.