Sr. Roy Andrade: Cyber Boy Corp.’s Chief Executive Officer is reaching great heights globally

Cyber Boy Corp.’s Sr. Roy Andrade Declares Victory

Cyber Boy Corp.’s Chief Executive Officer, Sr. Roy Andrade, does not believe the world has slowed down and the pandemic has ruined businesses. And why should he? His business has shown no sign to slow down. In fact, the privately held company is situated inside a commercial property worth $40 million dollars in California’s Beverly Hills and on top of a Wells Fargo branch which pays dividends to Sr. Roy Andrade every quarter for being a minority shareholder.

While companies have struggled to make payroll, maintain inventory and retain their customers since the lock down started in March, 2020, Cyber Boy Corp. has just marched ahead. They have remained open 5 days a week for the last 10 months and there is absolutely no sign of insolvency.

Andrade says that he has never asked for a loan from anyone as it is not his style. He used $45,000 to start Cyber Boy Corp. and slowly made it into a popular business. Their name is growing by the day as people are talking all good about them on the internet. He further adds he is the king of the hill and he and his company are going to make history as kings have left their mark in history books.

The cyber security firm Cyber Boy Corp. is still under development but is already providing security solutions to Principals all around the world. Their agents work to protect high net worth humans personally.

Their Principals can hire their agents to protect themselves at offices or homes. With their skills they can secure any location using discrete methods. The agents have military and law enforcement backgrounds who operate 24/7 outside their main office.