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Sonia & Fyza Wiki Dubai (Soniaxfyza Before and After Surgery Makeup)

Fyza Ali, the founder and inventor of the highly trending “Buffing Techniques”, and Sonia Ali, one of the highly talked about beauty blogger that has proved her prowess in delivering pitch-perfect makeup tips, are sisters and presently living in the city of Dubai.

The two Sisters have made their own special plavce by recommending some life changing skin, beauty and health management tips. Besides coming along with some unmatched skills and knowledge in beauty, skin health management, and wellness space, both the sisters are blessed with some exceptional built and beauty.

Soniaxfyza Sonia and Fyza completed their higher education in Law and English from the UK. As they were going along with it, Sonia earned some big name due to her exceptional contribution via random makeup blog posts while Fyza gained the same recognition for her brilliance in Bridal and general makeup styles. Both the sisters have served amazingly to women from Middle East and South Asian region.

Both Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali can be deemed as the first ever women in the middle east countries to mark their arrival on social media. During the intial phases, they both posted regarding their impeccable work on social media. Even as it appears to be something new for the Middle Eastern women, the two sisters paved the way for the rest of the Middle Eastern influencers around.

Once they finished their higher education in the UK, both sisters then switched to Kuwait to pass on some handy time with their family members and friends. Eventually, both Sonia and Fyza (Before and After Makeup) made their minds to move back to Dubai to light up a global revolution in the International make up and cosmetics industry via their top-tier expertise and exceptional knowledge.

Fyza Ali (Soniaxfyza Before)

Fyza Ali designed Buffing Technique on the course of one of her makeup learning classes in London in 2014. Right from that moment, this process has gained some big fame and recognition among some high end celebs, makeup specialists, and people around.

Fyza Ali, who discovered the world famous “Buffing techniques”, can be considered as the most notable and recognized makeup artist in and around Dubai. She located Buffing techniques in 2014 and as of now, most of the top of the line celeb and people from the royal families have enlisted themselves in her Elite clientele list. Fyza Ali Dubai is quite bold and progressive regarding her viewpoints on fillers and Botox.

Speaking of her education, Fyza finished on her advanced studies in English from the UK. At the same time, she took care for the task related to make up for models taking part in well-known London fashion week and eventually secured some big fame and recognition for her makeup skills (generally Bridal makeup) in the UK, which went amazingly well for Middle East and South Asian women. After coming back to Kuwait from the UK, she made Dubai as her base and led the way towards a new start and journey in the fashion domain by her exceptional skills and capabilities.

Sonia Ali (Soniaxfyza Before)

Sonia Ali, well known for her highly effective fashion and beauty tips, is a well-recognized beauty blogger, who has further published her amazing work on social media to help out the big list of her fans and followers across the globe.

She has continually appeared as a remarkably apparent name from the Global fashion industry for quite some time and her brilliant beauty tips have rightly reflected as a sense of motivation to her global fans and followers.

Sonia Ali Dubai further completed her Law degree from the UK yet eventually chose to seek her aspirations and ambitions in the beauty and skincare world. After switching back from the UK, she did spent some quality time with her family and friends based Kuwait.

Indeed, even after making some good time around with her family, Sonia Ali opted to move back to Dubai to start ahead with her dreams and aspirations in makeup industry that were meant to inspire the Middle eastern women with some top class makeup tips and commendations. More details about soniaxfyza before and after.