Allotey Jacobs
Allotey Jacobs

Some elements within NDC planning for Mahama’s election 2020 defeat – Allotey Jacobs hints (WATCH VIDEO)

Former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) have revealed how some elements within the party are seriously planning for his 2020 defeat so they can present their candidate for the 2024 elections.

According to Bernard Allotey Jacobs, these people do not want the NDC party to progress because of their selfish interest and for him; he will always criticize them when he gets the slightest opportunity to talk about his party.

Allotey Jacobs

Contributing , to a pane discussion on peace Fm K’okrokoo’ today, the social commentator as he preferred to be called noted that there are some individuals with some being  National Executives who are in the camp of John Mahama but they are against him and for that they are doing their possible best to see Maham lose the 2020 elections.

He believes these are the same people who reported him to the late Prof. Atta Mills who was the president of Ghana between 2009-2013 to stop him (Allotey Jacobs) from going to radio programs in the name of the party because he was not doing their bidding. 

Incensed Uncle Allotey mentioned Okudzeto Ablakwa and Otukonnor as people who reported him so that he will cut off from the party but their plans did not work on him and have started planning evil against the Flag bearer of the party. He bemoaned how after spending his precious three hours convincing delegates of his party to retain Maham for the 2020 elections, some people came out to spill garbage about him saying he (Allotey Jacobs) is afraid to lose the regional election that is why he is supporting Mahama so that he will not be cut off from the party even if he loses.

He added that “When you create a maze of confusion it leads you into a labyrinth where there is no exit. We will destroy that agenda. They didn’t want John to come and now that he is the flagbearer they are telling us we are rather against him. If you cultivate sycophancy you will catch a straw,” he added.

Source: Daniel Okyere