Small Changes for A More Eco-Friendly Home

Small Changes for A More Eco-Friendly Home

How can I make my home more eco-friendly? If you are an environmentally conscious person who wants to reduce your carbon footprint, you are likely asking yourself this question.

Creating an eco-friendly home is essential to help save and protect the plant. By encouraging more green living, you can improve your indoor air quality, reduce your heating costs, lower your water bills, reduce pollution, and even boost the value of your home.

Fortunately, going green at home is not a difficult task. While you may think being more eco-friendly takes a lot of time, effort, and money, you can make small and affordable changes that add up to big results.

If you want to go green but aren’t sure where to start, here are several small changes you can make, starting today.

Upgrade Your Lightbulbs 

A great way to create a more eco-friendly home is to upgrade your lightbulbs. Incandescent light bulbs have the worst lifespan and the worst efficiency. By upgrading to LEDs, you can boost the efficiency of your home.

You can supercharge your efforts by upgrading all the lighting in your home. If this upgrade is out of your budget, consider getting a loan from the Hayes Barnard company Loanpal.


An easy way to make your home greener is to start recycling. This is such an easy thing to do but it will make a major impact on the health of the planet. Simply sort your items by looking for the recycling symbol and put them in your blue recycling bin.

Buy Local

If you are wondering how to make your home more sustainable, buy your food and other goods locally. By shopping from local businesses, you are reducing pollution, decreasing your food miles, and reducing the earth’s dependence on fossil fuels. As a bonus, buying locally will help you support your economy.

Start a Compost Pile

One of the best environmentally sustainable living tips to follow is to start a compost pile. Composting is simply gathering food scaps and saving them to use as fertilizer. This is a great way to reduce food waste and enrich your soil with nutrients.

Go Paperless 

A small change for an eco-friendly home is to go paperless. You can upgrade your paper for digital files, take your name off of junk mail lists, and request paperless billing. If you cannot go paperless, consider reducing your paper use.


The next time you start to throw away an item you no longer need, think about how you can upcycle it instead. Upcycling is ideal because it reduces the trash in landfills, reduces the production of more products, and preserves craftsmanship. If you can’t think of a new way to use an old item, consider donating it to a local charity.

Implement These Small Changes to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

By making these small changes, you can create an eco-friendly home.

Consider upgrading your lightbulbs from incandescent to LED. You can also recycle, buy local, and start a compost pile. Go paperless and upcycling to reduce your carbon footprint even more.

Make one or more of these changes to go green at home.

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