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Skills testing versus other assessment methods

Candidate assessment is conducted in several ways. Employers and recruiters use CVs, interviews, reference checks, etc., to build a picture of the applicant. And skills assessment tests are one of the ways adopted by recruiters who make use of skills testing software for this purpose.

Importance of candidate assessment

Hiring someone without a proper evaluation is a misstep. It will prove to be costly to the employers if they hire an employee without checking to ensure that they have the skills to do the job. If the new employee is found to be incompetent or disruptive, the company will have to let them go and begin the hiring process anew. It costs them both time and money. This is why when looking for a job, candidates are advised to prepare by doing as many assessment tests as possible.

The assessment is also to validate that the new hire will fit well within the existing company culture. That’s why most recruiters and employers implement skills testing software into their hiring process. It is critical to determine this fit so that the other employees are not disturbed by the new addition to the team.

Common evaluation methods

Recruiters employ these four common ways to assess applicant abilities. This helps create an understanding of what an individual can bring to the company.

  • CV

A job seeker’s entire career trajectory is found in their CV. It is packaged smartly to showcase their work history and achievements. This gives the recruiter an introduction to the candidate’s capabilities given their experience.

  • Reference checks

Reference checks provide another glimpse into the individual. Their former employer who has worked closely with them are in a position to point out their strengths and potential. Or weaknesses, if any.

  • Interviews

An interview in a controlled environment gives recruiters plenty of opportunities to observe the interviewee. There are face-to-face interviews, telephone and video interviews, and group interviews.

  • Presentations

Many times the hiring process will include exercises such as group work, presentations or written tests. These are designed to simulate the job environment and to assess how the candidate will perform when they face a similar situation.

Skills assessment tests and skills testing software

Each of the above methods is expected to portray a sharper picture of an applicant’s abilities. However, these four methods do not provide a comprehensive representation of the individual’s skills and potential. A one-hour interview or a two-page CV cannot possibly provide a weighty observation of the candidate.

And this is where skills assessment tests and skills testing software come in. These are standardized tests with a scientific method of appraising an individual. Testing candidates has become so common that now all the staffing agencies integrate it into their recruitment process. They also ensure that their recruitment software system integrates smoothly with good skills testing software.

Rather than depending on reference checks or interviews where certain biases can exist and color how an applicant is viewed and marked, these tests are more objective and can assess and rate the talent.

With skills testing, there is no simple reliance on a candidate or their previous managers. It presents a better and stronger way of assessing applicants. Any skills exaggeration or employer bias can be detected through these tests. Simply put, it is an efficient way to measure skills objectively.

Online skills testing software also makes the work easier for recruiters. All it takes is a few steps – select the appropriate tests, choose candidates to send the test, and email the test link. Candidates will be able to do the test at their convenience. The test results arrive promptly at the recruiter’s inbox and they can proceed to review the performance. Recruiters can use these tests as a piece of tangible evidence over their competitors.