princess cut diamond

Simple ways to style your princess cut diamond

Styling your diamonds on your own is a complete art. You can play with the style, make something of your own, and you never know, that might turn out to be a trend. Isn’t that amazing? Well, if you are someone who is willing to style your diamond, we might have something for you. If you have a princess cut diamond, we will be talking about a few, simple and stylish ways you can use your diamond

For those of you who aren’t aware of how and what a princess cut lab diamond looks like, let us know a brief detail about it. It is a traditionally square diamond that serves excellent fire and brilliance. It is a trendy and fancy shape that is designed from an inverted pyramid. These are mostly known as a famous choice for engagement rings and why not? After all, they are elegant and classy. If you have one of these and you want some unique ways to style it, stick with us till the end and you will have some amazing ideas.

  1. As a solitaire engagement ring

As we just spoke, princess cut diamonds are a famous choice for engagement rings. If you are about to get engaged and are looking for a ring that’s unique and gorgeous enough, why not create one of your own. Use your princess cut diamond and create a solitaire engagement ring. A platinum metal band will steal the show. You can feature a 2.75-carat princess cut diamond and it will turn out to be breathtakingly beautiful.

  1. As a pendant necklace

If you want to serve a classy yet simple look, princess cut diamonds in a pendant necklace are the way for you. You can also add your personal touch by designing your own pendant type and chain. These look elegant even if you wear them every day. Set a trend by doing something unique!

  1. As an eternity band

We have noticed that people are a fan of eternity bands. They prefer these over normal engagement rings. So, why not use your princess cut lab diamond and make an eternity band of your own? A white gold setting will look absolutely gorgeous. These will go well along with your everyday attire.

  1. As stud earrings

Who wouldn’t like a pair of stud earrings that have princess cut diamonds? Well, we sure love them and you might too. You can go for around 0.62 carats of diamond for these earrings. These look amazing for daily wear and you can rock them with absolutely any attire.

  1. As a bracelet

An ideal jewelry piece for princess-cut diamond is a bracelet as it is lightweight, looks fashionable, and sophisticated. Diamond bracelets are often made from metals like platinum and gold. Other metals that can be used are sterling silver and white gold.

By choosing an inexpensive metal you can save on the costs and purchase beautiful diamond jewelry. Lab grown diamonds are quite popular today as they are chemically and optically equivalent to natural diamonds, yet they are priced about 40% less than natural ones. Shopping for lab diamond jewelry means you will be investing in eco-friendly jewelry as these diamonds are created ethically and do not cause harm to the environment.

Make sure you get the diamond certification report from a gemological institute like IGI and GIA is considered the best certification for a diamond. Any seller who does not offer an authenticity certificate might not provide you with a genuine diamond. So choose the best by checking the certification.

These were some of the tips for styling a princess-cut diamond on your own. Shop for princess-cut diamond jewelry at New World Diamonds as they offer a wide collection of jewelry that will not disappoint you.