Simon Jordan slams Antonio Rudiger for being ‘greedy’
Simon Jordan slams Antonio Rudiger for being ‘greedy’

Simon Jordan slams Antonio Rudiger for being ‘greedy’

Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger is reported to have agreed on personal terms with the Spanish giant in a potential transfer this summer.

Rudiger’s contract with Chelsea expires this summer after summer after initially signing a five years contract with the Stamford Bridge club in 2017.

Fabrizio Romano reported this morning that The German defender has agreed to join Real Madrid and it is just a matter of time before the official contract is signed.

Chelsea is believed to have offered Antonio Rudiger a contract of over €200,000 a week before the Uk government imposed sanctions on Abramovich.

However, discussing Antonio Rudiger’s transfer to Real Madrid on talk sports, Simon Jordan has slammed Rudiger and the agent for being greedy.

According to Simon, Rudiger demanded £10million as signing-on fees,£ 200,000 a week, and the agent also wanted £10million as agent fees.

What did Simon say?

Speaking on talk sport, Simon Jordan criticized Rudiger and the agent for being greedy in demanding an outrageous amount of money.

“Have a look at some of these conditions. I mean have you seen the conditions these people want?” he said on the White and Jordan show.

“200 grand a week, which by the way is an outrageous amount of money. He wants a 10 million pound sign on fee

“Are you reading this? His ghastly wretched agent wants £10 million quid.

“I mean this is madness! Greed… It’s absolute greed. He’s going to Real Madrid because he’s greedy!

“End of discussion. Good riddance!”

Thomas Tuchel has acknowledged that Chelsea will find it difficult to replace Rudiger after disclosing that the defender will leave this summer.

“Well, at the moment no; because of the sanctions, and even if hopefully the sanctions will be in the past, even then it will be incredibly difficult.

“Because Toni is what he is, a big personality, and a big leader

“He takes the fear away from other people, gives you confidence when he’s next to you and he played between 50, and 60 matches over 90 minutes on an incredible level of consistency.

“It will be challenging, but like always, no matter how much I love Toni and how big a role he played, there will be life, there will be Chelsea without Toni Rudiger, and we will need to find solutions.

“The situation is that Toni will leave the club this summer, he wants to leave the club. He told me this privately.

“Toni is a key figure and will stay that way until the end of the season, but it is disappointing of course and we will miss him a lot.

“I had a big connection with Toni from day one, and he deserves my full support because he delivered incredible performances until today, so reliable.

“So it was a give and take. And I know that he’s very aware of it, and I’m just happy to have had the chance to coach him and to have him on the team. Because he was nothing else but brilliant until today.

“And the club did as well. We had offers, we had big offers for him and the club tried everything for him.

“But for some weeks we cannot fight anymore, since we had the sanctions we cannot adjust, we cannot continue. So it is what it is.”