Should religious bodies pay tax?

In numerous nations, for example, the US, places of worship are consequently given tax exemptions on the premise that the advancement of religion is a magnanimous reason. This argument talks about whether such a programmed exception is reasonable. Notwithstanding, slamming them with tax would even now permit religious philanthropies, for example, Red Cross the chance to apply for an assessment exclusion, however they would be required to show reasons past being a religious association so as to qualify.

Those for keeping up the programmed duty exception for chapels contend that from multiple points of view, houses of worship do comparative work to that of foundations and capacity for the social great. Along these lines, they ought to keep up their assessment exclusion so as to utilize that cash to accommodate others and proceed with their great work. There is likewise a worry that the administration exhausting holy places clashes with the partition of chapel and state.

In any case, the individuals who accept temples ought to lose this programmed exclusion contend that the partition of chapel and state is in actuality abused by the state giving a money related advantage to places of worship, which could be viewed as the state supporting religion. Additionally, there is an inclination that the legislature is passing up income while a few places of worship have an incredible number of benefits and possess property, proposing they needn’t bother with an expense exclusion.

This fight goes beyond one boundary. Taxing of religious bodies have traveled and gotten to Ghana, a small country in the region of west Africa with a mixture of Muslims and Christians. Religious tolerance is an enviable quality among Ghanaians.

That be said, sections of the citizens have in recent times thrown their frustration at the legislatures for exempting churches from taxation. This call began as a result of some popular pastors who were perceived to be doing business in the church. However, the interest of the people sharply contradict the president, Nana Akuffo Addo’s pledge of building a cathedral for the country.

So simple, must churches pay tax? On the bases that many churches results to selling at their gathering, it’s a positive call.

On the other hand, churches offer charity services and donate so much to support government policies, hence the reason to tax exemption.

Note: Churches here represents religion.

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