This might not be a good news for many as Octopus who predicted 2010 world cup winner, again has predicted the 2020 Champions League

Shocking: Octopus Leak 2020 UCL Winner, It’s Not Your Favorite Club

Do you remember Paul the Octopus? Yes, the animal who is considered as a demigod in 2008-2010 for accurately predicting the 2010 world winner as well several matches is at it again, predicting the upcoming Champions League again. You might be disappointed as the group you deem fit couldn’t make a cut.

Though it’s too early, that can’t be said for Octopus who has had successful records to protect. On like the World Cup, Champions League in recent times relies on several factors including, consistency, domestic performance, quality of players in big matches ops, and the type of Coach you have.

Though it was not in the news last year, Octopus is reported to have predicted the Champions League and was awfully wrong last season when many platforms suggested the demigods went for Bayern. (Unconfirmed)

It was obvious if indeed Octopus chose Bayern he was likely to lose because they weren’t having a good domestic game at that point, talked of having mastered international competition however who are we to challenge when Octopus says yes?

Bayern at the time didn’t have that consistency to win UCL and not to forget all the German nationals having a hard time on and off the pitch after the world cup disaster which affected both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munchen.

Before we delve into Octopus prediction for the Champions League, let’s have a commentary on last season as football loving fans.

Real Madrid

Do you remember how poorly Madrid performed last season? It was the moment in football history where Madrid fans publicly denounced their support for the club. Imagine with such a prolific team with history, how did they manage to lose 7–3 against Atletico Madrid?

The causes of the defeat were not known however it was obvious they needed a complete revamp after winning three Champions Leagues in a row, players might have lost the intensity and the desire to really go for the title, again and again, every day of the weak. They did tinkle the attacking area a bit but you can’t possibly think of continuing with the same midfield trio for years, one makes sense, even two is possible but all three of them make them predictable.

This might not be a good news for many as Octopus who predicted 2010 world cup winner, again has predicted the 2020 Champions League
This might not be a good news for many as Octopus who predicted 2010 world cup winner, again has predicted the 2020 Champions League

This Season!! 

On a good day, Kroos, Modric, and Casemero are match-winners on their day. Having those guys in your team means you have won the game even before it starts however their movement, instincts are not convincing and very very predictable when they play with each other now, and with Hazard and Jovic, they should have roped in for either Modric/Kroos and would have bought Casemero’s replacement like Barcelona did with Busquets by buying in De Jong to spice up the team.

Barcelona as a UCL Contender?

If you would take your emotions away, I’m sure we can have a fair argument. How Valverde became a Coach of a big team like Barcelona is a story to tell another day. Sorry to disappoint but let’s agree and count out Barcelona as long as Ernesto Valverde remains their head coach.

Barcelona fans please don’t insult me yet but truth be told Ernesto Valverde is a coward or better still clueless when it comes to Champions League Football. It appears Messi is the Coach lol.

He is a way too clueless and kind of a coward to play in the champions league with an ancient club as FC Barcelona whose history suggests they are winners. Have you not seen him botches up the tactics even after having a formidable lead?

Chelsea and Liverpool!!

I know their fans will start to attack but let’s have a fair deal. Chelsea is already out with a clueless and inexperienced Lampard who couldn’t stand up against an average Arsenal team. Liverpool is just lucky to win the last season UCL, not because they deserved it.

Octopus Choice?

Well, I’m not one of those who believe and cash-on prediction but it’s obvious Octopus’s track records speaks for itself. Paul the Octopus (26 January 2008 – 26 October 2010) was a common octopus used to predict the results of association football matches. Accurate predictions in the 2010 World Cup brought him worldwide attention as an animal oracle.

Octopus predicted 14 games and won 12 correctly so what has Octopus got for us this time?

Manchester City? Sounds crazy but Pep Guardiola’s side has been hand-picked by Octopus to win the Champions League this time around.

This to me and other football fans sounds stupid and repetitive but let’s check out a few metrics.

Pep Guardiola is one of the best coaches in the world of football even if you disagree, his side is supported by a quality defense and offense line.

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It’s on records Manchester City has one of the best midfield in Europe, although their veteran and superstar player Fernandinho isn’t on top of his games these days but don’t write him off. What about Gundogan?

Gundogan is a smart player and has no doubt perfectly cemented his position in the starting 11 with David Silva. Manchester City seems to have a replacement for all angles and De Bryune taking the other halves. Other options available such as Foden Zinchenko (mainly a left-back) and occasionally Bernardo Silva as well, depending on the formation with Mahrez having a go too.

If you are going to face such a team you definitely have to worry to see a scaring attack with Raheem Sterling Sergio Agüero/Jesus Leroy sane/Bernardo Silva/ Mahrez surging forward.

They are much of predators with sharp teeth capable of eating up anyone even on the big occasions.

Have you checked their recent buys? As to who advised Pep to buy Rodri is another story for another day. He is just not an ordinary player but a defensive midfielder who would give them another option.


If you don’t believe in the Octopus prediction then who else do you think will win the Champions League? Don’t mention Chelsea, Liverpool or Barcelona, they are dead on arrival. Bayern and PSG can keep making names in their leagues but not in the Champions League, it’s a tournament for men, not boys.

I agree with Octopus, Manchester City are the favorite and likely to win the Champions League. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment let engage in a debate!!