Several protesters were arrested after a series of illegal street takeovers in Los Angeles.

On Thursday night, 32 people were hauled into custody on suspicion of participating in illegal street takeovers in and around Los Angeles, with large numbers in the San Fernando Valley among those detained.

It is estimated that approximately 150 people congregated near Roscoe Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue in the Sun Valley neighborhood, according to the LAPD. Unsafe driving maneuvers are typical when a group of cars congregates at an intersection and blocks the intersection with their vehicles.

According to a member of the LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division, who spoke to The News God, the participants are known for disrupting their cities.

“They have a lot of fun producing films about it,” McGee said. However, the fact that these men are harming and killing others is a source of concern… “Making doughnuts is a time-consuming task. They get out of hand and slam into onlookers who are just standing there watching the drama develop. Then, as soon as they’ve struck a victim, they’re no longer there. A hit-and-run has now occurred, and if anyone has been injured as a result, the perpetrator may be charged with a crime. We’re here as a result of that. Efforts are being made to decrease the amount of activity on the property.”

The Los Angeles Police Department impounded a total of eight automobiles after their owners fled the scene when officers arrived. A collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Police Department and the California Highway Patrol was launched in response to the illegal takeover, and both agencies were successful in apprehending numerous suspects. According to The News God, flamethrowers have been discovered among the remnants of the Sun Valley attack.

According to the television station, cops reportedly confiscated a large number of autos during a separate street takeover in Compton. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was completely in the dark about what had happened in the early aftermath of the catastrophe.


According to The News God, police were dispatched to Granada Hills just before 11:20 p.m. for yet another takeover attempt. Four people were arrested and approximately 20 vehicles were seized. In addition, 20 people were handed citations and four people were detained.