Self Hosted Dropbox On Premise

Self-hosted Dropbox gives you the best alternative to get access to the files and other documents for your mobile. It helps to simplify mobile access and allows you to do file sharing without any problems. You can also easily retain data ownership and can attain the perfect privacy for your data. If you want to gain security and control over your data and other files then self-hosted Dropbox services can help you with that.

Protect your data with a self-hosted Dropbox

Your data is teleported in the world when it is accessed from different locations. You need to protect and save your data efficiently if you don’t want your files to get hacked or leaked. Dropbox protects your data even when it is teleported to different parts of the world. Self-hosted Dropbox offers you convenient and endless options to protect your data privately.

Why you need a Self-Hosted Dropbox?

If you maintain data privacy and own control over data then using the self-hosted Dropbox could be the best idea. The on-premise Dropbox solution is the best way to replicate data everywhere and anywhere to get access to it. You can make the process of permission control easy and simple and can gain full control over your data and documents. You can get full control over your data and get the required NTFS permissions. The AD users can access control over your data and other files safely.

Maintain compliance 

If you want control over your data and want to get access to the data management then you can maintain compliance. This can help you in auditing and reporting.

Provide a central file repository 

Your centralized data is under control and will allow access to the files on multiple sites. It also prevents data leakage.

Drive Mapping and File Locking

You can now combine the NTFS permissions and can allow the Active Directory users to get access over the drive mappings from any device

File Server Cloud enablement

Self Hosted Dropbox is easy to install and is best suited for traditional file servers. You can also get access to private online storage by using the system.

File server remote access

Triofox allows the users to get file server remote access to your Windows file servers. You can get a clean, secure interface and the workforce that is working remotely can get safe access to the files. This will not take out any files or data from your file server and will give you robust and secure access to the files. Triofox allows the users to enjoy a secure solution from cloud mobility.

Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication

Triofox can allow the users to integrate with ADFS, Azure AD, and other compatible services. It comes equipped with 2-factor authentication and enables the users to give an extra security layer. Triofox will help you to get access to the company’s file servers that the workforce can use remotely.

Advanced User Controls

You can inherit the existing user and give the remote workers the role permissions to your file server. The remote workers’ can get access to the devices without any hassle. The users can simplify the process of their process and can use the process of the Active Directory.