See Freebies & Discounts At 7-11 & More

Many of our favorite places are offering something super special for Leap Day this year!

Leap Day, happening on Saturday, February 29, is an extra special holiday as it only happens every four years so it makes sense that places we know and love are doing something awesome to celebrate the occasion! Looking for a tasty slice? 7-11 has you covered as they are offering $2.99 for a WHOLE PIZZA! How yummy. In the mood for some delicious surf options to chow down on? Legal Sea Foods is giving you quite the amazing deal with their special that includes two one-pound lobsters with two sides for only $29! What a bargain. Seriously. All that delicious lobster to devour with sides that include jasmine rice, french fries, onion straws and more. Sign us up.

Olive Garden is doing something super special for Leap Day birthdays (this includes celebs like Ja Rule and Antonio Sabato Jr.). Anyone born that day will receive 4 free Dolcinis (small cake), one for each year you missed! Non leap babies shouldn’t worry as they have you covered as well. You’ll receive a discount on their $5 Take Home deal. Neato! Postmates, one of the most popular apps to order any kind of food you want, has partnered with Popeyes to celebrate Leap Year. Purchase a chicken sandwich from Popeyes through Postmates between Feb. 24 and 28 and you’ll receive a free chicken sandwich code via email on Feb. 29. Please note you must spend a minimum of $15 to receive the promotion.

Thinking about getting super romantic today? Quiznos to the rescue! Anyone who proposes to their significant other on Feb. 29 with a sandwich instead of a ring will be entered to win free Quiznos catering at their wedding. Life-changing moment while saving a ton of money on your nuptials? What a deal! Krispy Kreme, you know, the place that has the unbelievably amazing donuts, is getting a tad more specific for Leap Day as it relates to some of the most special people in the world. The donut shop is celebrating their Leap to National Delivery. This means they’ll be sending dozens of donuts to hospitals, health professionals and parents of Leap Day babies.

Let’s not forget to shop! Some of our favorite retailers are also getting in on the Leap Day love today. Reebok is offering $29.99 Leap Year deals with code LEAP while Topshop and Topman are giving 20 percent off sitewide and free shipping on orders over $20. Just use code LEAP20.