Secrets of the Famous Series Game of Thrones

Secrets of the Famous Series Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has been one of the biggest TV hits of recent years but the smooth storyline being played out belies some of the behind-the-scenes issues that may not be picked up by viewers. Some of them have involved injuries to the stars, while others have been unusual events that happened away from the action. Not all are bad and can be considered as lucky as free spiny.

Accidents to Actors

The Hound may not seem to be a character that could be injured. His character may have lived close to the edge, but he suffered intense pain as a result of having to carry another character so much. It was not possible to use a lightweight dummy.

Jon Snow plays a major role and has starred in many scenes, but a dragon flying scene gave him a frightening moment and involved a delicate part of his body. His genitals became trapped, and he had to endure the pain while being thrown around the equipment.

Yara Greyjoy took things a step further and ended up in hospital. It has never been disclosed what happened, but it certainly kept her away from the set with a problem with her back.

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Not all events have been caught on camera or led to serious injury. Five extras received minor injuries while eating lunch. Part of the construction being used was affected by wind, and they were surrounded by falling beams.

Strange Events

A large film crew cannot work in an area without having an impact on the people around them. Game of Thrones managed to save a pig farm. With the need for authentic pigs, goats, and dogs for the set, farm owner Kenny Grace has provided them along with suitable metal items involved in farming. His role with the production has saved his bacon.

Making up a Language

With a couple of made-up languages, there were bound to be some issues. Valyrian and Dothraki went from a few created phrases to a more used language. During a fight scene, Khal Drogo had to ad-lib and use Maori words. It sounded so authentic that it was tweaked slightly and formed the basis of future Dothraki words.

They Can’t Control the Weather

Many things can be controlled for filming, but the weather is not one of them. During season 2, Renly’s camp should have been bright and cheerful, so the decision to film in Ireland was a mistake. Thanks to Hurricane Katia, Margaery came close to freezing due to her costume.

Nudity Everywhere

With so much flesh on show, it was hard to be dressed and undressed at just the right time. This led to some staying naked. An unnamed actress decided that dressing was too much trouble and just walked around with no clothes on, much to the discomfort of other cast members. Charles Dance, for one, appears to have been quite perturbed about it, but the lady in question’s name is being kept secret. After Jon Snow’s death, the idea of his return was secret. He was referred to as LC, with the plot being that he was Lord Commander, but Melisandre started to use the initials differently due to the attention that his private parts had been getting.