Screenshots: Ghanaians roast Afia Pokua for organizing a “useless” demo

Some Ghanaians have vehemently criticized Afia Pokua for organizing a demo that is perceived useless.

The demonstration was organized by the Adom FM journalist and some Ghanaians demanding an apology from the Prophet’s ethnocentric comments made last week.

Prophet Kobi in a church service last week expressed his opinion on how he sees some women from the various ethnic groups in Ghana such as Asante, Fante and Ewe behave advised against people marrying especially Asante women since he thought they were only interested in grabbing properties when they go into marriage.

This statement, however, didn’t go well with some sections of Ghanaians who believe the Prophet goofed and should render an apology. In spite of the pressure, the Pastor remained unchanged in his opinion.

His resistance forced the Ghanaian journalist to organize a demonstration demanding an apology however, it seems the demonstration didn’t see enough support and this is how some people reacted on social media.

Social media users reaction
Social Media Users Reaction
Social Media Users Reaction