Sarraounia Mangou, the Nigerien African ruler and sorceress who cunningly battled the French in the 1899 Battle of Lougou

In the late 1800s, the French Voulet-Chanoine Mission or Central African-Chad Mission, driven by the commanders Paul Voulet and Julien Chanoine, were dispatched to Africa by the French government to vanquish the regions between the Niger River and Lake Chad and bind together all French regions in West Africa.

History says that in the wake of leaving French Sudan in January 1899, they turned out to be extremely hard and exposed the local individuals to a wide range of hardhearted treatment. They were just unstoppable until they met Sarraounia Mangou.

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Sarraounia (a title demonstrating a female boss or a genealogy of female rulers was the Queen of the Azna, a subgroup of the Hausa, who administered in the Niger Republic, amid the late nineteenth century. She was brought into the world with yellow eyes, similar to those of a jaguar thus the puma turned into the image of the Azna. She moved toward becoming queen at 20 years old, after her dad’s demise.

Said to have sorcerous forces, Sarraounia had, before the French intrusion, battled wars for the benefit of her kin. She previously drove off the Tuareg, who regularly endeavored to attack her town, at that point the Fulani, who needed to change over the Azna to Islam. Since she had regularly won harmony with the two clans, she looked for their assistance to battle a shared enemy, the French however they won’t.

She therefore prepared her kin and assets to stand up to the French powers of the Voulet–Chanoine Mission, which propelled a wild assault on her stronghold capital of Lougou. Known as the Battle of Lougou in 1899, the Voulet-Chanoine Mission met the most grounded power and lost a few men to the battling.

What Sarraounia and her people also did was to raid the French on a nightly basis, appearing from what historians called the almost impenetrable bush where the Azna defended themselves when facing a superior enemy.

They disappeared quickly into the bush after the raid.As many began talking about the magical prowess of the Queen, many of the army on the French side deserted the camp. Most of them were Africans who were forced into service.

The attacks eventually came to an end and within three months, the expedition commanders Voulet and Chanoine were assassinated by their own soldiers over their refusal to obey orders from France and other atrocities. But many still attributed their deaths to the magical prowess of Sarraounia.