Tutu Faculty

Russia – Africa Summit: Good for nothing, lazy thinking, begging Presidents paraded in Sochi – Tutu Faculty fires

The morning show host of Kingdom FM, Tutu Faculty has described the recent summit in Russia where Africa presidents were lined up to great their “white Supremats”, as good for nothing and lazy thinking.

Mr. Faculty who is noted for his unbiased criticism of political leaders over the years expressed his disappoint once again after African leaders were seen parading for a handshake in Russia. In stressing his disappointment he said:

Once again our good for nothing, lazy thinking, begging Presidents have been paraded in Sochi- Russia just to waste their time since they have nothing doing in their respective countries.

It saddens my heart and I believe many critical thinking folks are worried about how 400 years after slavery, Africans and our leaders are happy to give the richest continent’s destiny to others on a silver platter without a blink.

How can one country – Russia with a population of 145.87 million summon a whole continent ( Africa) of 54 Counties with a population of 1.225 billion?

One President parades 54 Presidents.

Is it a case that that one head is better than our 54 heads? Nigeria alone has a population of 200,963,599 according to 2019 UN statistics, simply put, Nigeria alone should be able to stand tow to tow with Russia. But what do we see?

Our people are only happy boarding airplanes with their corrupt entourage, to sleep in a clean environment, expensive hotels with young girls and spend their stolen funds.

What doesn’t Africa have to develop? Can someone really tell me what our so-called Presidents looking for in Russia? Can any country or continent help Africa develop? If Mr. Vladimir Putin wanted our cooperation so badly why didn’t he meet our people here in Ghana or Nigeria – the biggest African economy?

Master or Miss African, don’t you think it is better to collectively decide to sell Africa, take our shares, enjoy and go back into slavery than allowing a few lazy leaders to sell us and keep all the money to themselves?

Yet they will tell you Africa is rising. Where is it rising to? Into slavery right? The level of hopelessness is deepening by the second.”

Writer: Tutu Faculty