Even after losing $750,000 in common stock, Roy Andrade, hasn’t changed a bit. He has his eyes set on the world and believes Cyber Boy Corp

Roy Andrade, CEO, Cyber Boy Corp., During the COVID19 Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has brought numerous businesses to their knees and had left thousands of people unemployed this year. Yet, Roy Andrade’s demeanor hasn’t changed. Roy Andrade, the founder, and CEO of Cyber Boy Corp. is still as happy as can be.

Even after losing $750,000 in common stock, Roy Andrade hasn’t changed a bit. He has his eyes set on the world and believes Cyber Boy Corporation. will leave its mark in history for others to read after his passing. Cyber Boy Corporation. has had a successful year and appears to be growing rapidly with new business contracts in negotiation.

Roy Andrade’s Happiness

Cyber Boy Corporation. opened its doors to the public on March 19, 2020, and has remained in business during the pandemic. It is remarkable to witness a newly started company grow under all the circumstances the world is facing and yet remain lucrative beyond anything imaginable. Roy Andrade’s brand is growing on Instagram with thousands of followers and hundreds of inquiries regarding his company’s services in the Los Angeles area.

Roy Andrade on Entertainment

“I don’t watch sports. I’m not much fun. Women like to do things I don’t normally enjoy doing like attend theatrical plays and scuba dive. I go, but, my mind so focused on work, it’s hard to enjoy myself. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sex and engaging in stimulating conversations, but, when it comes to various forms of entertainment, I become easily bored. I’m what they call a workaholic.”

The Cyber Boy Corporation, Dynasty

Armed with wisdom and an associate of arts degree in business from the University of Phoenix, Roy Andrade founded Cyber Boy Corp. In order to finance his broader vision, his business organization provides executive protection and private security services in Beverly Hills. California. “There is no reason to be pessimistic. I’m not worried about what goes on the left or the right when I walk a straight line. There is no need to pay attention to anything else other than what I need to accomplish every day in order to remain solvent.”