Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona: A Watch Made For The Sophisticated

The Daytona Cosmograph is a famous timepiece. This timepiece is indeed a traditional chronograph piece made in 1963. In 2017, the classic Paul Newman’s Daytona was marketed as one of Rolex’s extremely exorbitant watches. What surprises the viewer as they take a good look at the Daytona Cosmograph is how it has progressed over a period.

Its distinctive, stunning qualities, which are due to its magnificence and the bluntness that emanates from its Daytona timepiece make it much more attractive for adoring fans. Indeed, the brand’s market strength itself is a story that turns without stating whenever it applies to such a Rolex Daytona concept. This watch makes the consumers have such a piece. 

History Of Such An Elegant Timepiece

Hans Wilsdorf, the creator of Rolex, believes that the company would still be related to car racing. Sir Malcolm Campbell was among the most recognized car drivers globally, having completed multiple accomplishments in the car racing world at Florida Daytona Beach. There are 36 different types of Rolex Daytona available nowadays.

The latter needed Sir Campbell to be Rolex’s leader because of the similarities Wilsdorf had drawn between Sir Campbell and Rolex’s character. However, Daytona’s legacy is nevertheless related towards one individual itself but is synonymous with several other automobile racers who’ve been glad of Daytona or visited the area.

After already being too deeply designed with Daytona, the brand introduced a product called Chronograph around 1955, which seemed to have been the founding father of today’s Daytona. The argument is made very well by the appearance that perhaps the product is worthy of doing. The Chronograph has matured and became the highly regarded Cosmograph Daytona.

Features Of Rolex Daytona

While shielded from the impenetrable shell, Rolex products have been fitted with timeless motions for decades. Of which, after its chronometric success, the watch fashionistas were widely applauded. As a premium brand, the company typically manufactures its products with high-quality anti-corrosion metal, 904L Steel, which no other company utilizes.

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The Cosmograph Daytona: Yellow Gold

The characteristics of 116518 have become so appealing that users can’t resist. However, name it as their preference, but this also refers to all of the other products. Even so, the specifications that this one would have to render the device even more attractive. This piece provides what a watch enthusiast would want.

The watch was made using 18-carat gold, capable of giving such a decorative touch that you’re obliged to remember when users are on the trail. In comparison, the 40 mm diameter of the Rolex Daytona 116518 allows it to be much more tangible. What’s lacking with an automobile-racer? They will calculate the velocity of their vehicle up to 400 km/h.

The Cosmograph Daytona: Gold

This Rolex Daytona was beautifully designed using Rolesor, the trademark label for Rolex, so the company’s logo was printed all over everything. The mother of jewel dial contributes to the charm of Rolex 116503, making users feel unique from other people. So, if they wear this device on a day where they preferred not to recognize it, they made a poor decision.

The band of every timepiece is made using state-of-the-art engineering; however, with the elegance of such a watch, users can see that this type of Rolex has indeed been designed for someone who has a unique eye for uniqueness. The company ensures consumers that they are going to admire the watch as it gives what watch enthusiasts would want.

The Cosmograph Daytona: Platinum

This Rolex 116506 is definitely among the most appealing in this category. The resistance to corrosion attribute combined with this product’s dynamism is the icing on the cake, as being said about this piece. What’s going on to render this piece gorgeous past description is that it has an icy blue screen.

The blue color on the dial paired with silver, mainly on the band, is gorgeous. And what is more, this product’s dial has also been secured by a scratch-resistant sapphire jewel. And in the case of automobile-racers, items are becoming quick and adequate to the extent that a slight pressure upon its chronograph would cause it, and the precision will be unparalleled.


The Rolex Daytona combines accuracy and performance with valuable materials such as platinum and gold. It mixes an auto racing experience with superior versatility. Rather than just about any other maker of watches, the company represents elegance and reputation. Whoever purchases a Rolex has much more than a watch; the Swiss industry’s pieces are their assets.