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Rising levels of viciousness among Ghanaians – what’s breeding it ?

I have observed with much worry the rising levels of verbal abuse among Ghanaians particularly on social media. I ask if it’s poverty, envy that is bringing such unhealthy development among a people that is generally considered to be respectful, courteous and humble.

Tutu Faculty

I followed a trend on social media this week how a beautiful broadcaster of GHone tv was abused by many young people on Twitter when she expressed an opinion on a ‘beef’ between two young music arts, Medikal and Strong man.

I don’t intend to go into that useless, needless provocation by raining insults on each other through their ‘music’.
I was taken aback how people deemed to be educated were all over social media and traditional media hailing the musicians when they engaged in open insults, attacking their girlfriends etc.

Many people shared and ‘analysed’ the unproductive business.

If you saw how young people whom I think should be concentrating their energies on making their lives better focused on insulting the beautiful Serwaa Amihere, not only that, others found joy in sharing the abuse from Twitter to other social media handles.

I must state here that I do not know Serwaa anywhere, I haven’t even watched her on tv. I have just seen a short video of her. A friend told me of her prowess.

But my point is why have people developed the penchant of insulting people at the least advantage? And why are others so much happy about such insults ?

It’s become a fashion for people to insult others because they disagree with them.

Mr Gabby Okyere Darko has suffered similar fate this week for expressing happiness about his daughters performance in school.

Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Ghana and Manasseh Azuri of joy Fm haven’t been spared too.

Young Ghanaians have the boldness to take to the social media handles of the immediate past President Mr John Mahama and the incumbent Nana Akufo Addo to badmouth them.

The count is endless.

How did we get into this dirty waters ?

Can’t people express themselves anymore ?
Can’t we disagree with people politely by stating contrary views without abusive language ?

Can this society thrive with this attitude ?
Well, I feel something must be done to halt this development.

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