Rice Shortage on Eastern Region

Rice Shortage hit Eastern Region amid lockdown fears

Rice has become an essential commodity in Eastern Region just like Gari is in most parts of the country because of the partial lockdown.

Due to the lockdown order from the President, vehicles are not allowed to enter the Eastern Region and the other way round.

This has brought fear to residents in the region amid panic buying.

Government has partially lockdown some parts of the country in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus in the country which has bend the knees of some developed countries like Italy, US and Spain.


Rice Shortage on Eastern Region

This was made known on Asempa FM political show after a correspondent from the Eastern Region was called to give updates on the effect of the partial lockdown in the region and how people are coping with government’s directive.

The enforcement of the partial lockdown of the country began today at exactly 1am and it is expected to end by two weeks time which government will decide if it is necessary to continue the lockdown or not.

Another measure put in place by President Akufo-Addo is the setting up of the COVID-19 fund which is to assist front line health workers with medical equipments and also vulnerable Ghanaians who might be infected with coronavirus.

Due to these measures put in place by the Akufo-Addo led administration, it is expected that the spread of the virus will drastically reduce and affected persons also will recover soon.