Rewards Unlocked After Passing MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification Exam

Rewards Unlocked After Passing MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification Exam

Fulfilling a foundational-level exam is a must before proceeding to a more complex and demanding AZ-900 . Some designation paths, however, may not require you to go through the basics as long as you have prior experience and working knowledge already. But, for beginners particularly on cloud concepts and MICROSOFT 365 in general, completing the MICROSOFT MS-101 certification exam is the best head start. And what you will be getting into in the MS-101 test is all about the fundamental skills essential to MICROSOFT 365 that will garner you the MS-101 : Fundamentals certificate. This qualification will eventually unlock several rewards to expand your career. To give you an idea, below are remarkable perks awaiting you once you nail the MS-101 evaluation:

  • It strengthens your core foundation on MICROSOFT 365

The training you undergo for the main exam builds your expertise in the basics. In particular, it hones your knowledge of cloud concepts, AZ-500 , pricing, and support. It also tackles information regarding MICROSOFT 365 security, compliance, privacy, and trust. Therefore, passing such an evaluation is proof of your technical skills when it comes to cloud and MICROSOFT 365 as a software-based service.

  • It provides stability in your career path

Exploring your chances to survive in a competitive field is already one tough job. As beginners or even those who are not yet so adept with the fundamentals of MICROSOFT 365, the possibilities of securing the job are slim if you are compared to a more experienced professional. Hence, backing up your skills with MICROSOFT certifications is vital to improving your current standing. Luckily, through the MS-700 , you can get the necessary training and qualification to be as competent as other candidates even without prior experience. This way, you as well as your prospective employers can have the reassurance of your capabilities.

  • It offers several other perks for professional growth

Upon passing the MS-101 exam, you will first be awarded a validation on MICROSOFT 365 Fundamentals. That is more than enough of a qualification to take on the job of an administrator or a business user. It can also pave way for other opportunities to come around knocking at your doorstep. You can also be eligible for an ACE college credit ― that is, a college credit reflecting the amount of time in hours you have completed for the certification. This will be then acknowledged by the American Council on Education (ACE), to which most US schools are a member.

  • It prepares you for the higher tiers of MICROSOFT 365

Having a solid ground equips you with the potential to go on to the succeeding levels of various certification paths. You will now be more prepared to sign up for the more advanced Azure Fundamentals . On top of that, you will be constantly informed of current updates in MICROSOFT 365. This gives you access to the development of your current expertise.


If you pass the MICROSOFT Certifications Exams, you will have a firm grip on MICROSOFT 365 cloud model, its services, offerings, pricing, support, and all the basic concepts. It also establishes your foundation to stabilize your career. Thus, with the aid of this certification path, becoming the best version of you becomes highly attainable. So, grab this opportunity to boost your technical skills and strive in your chosen field.