Reviews of the 4 Shockwave Therapy Machines for Body Slimming

Reviews of the 4 Shockwave Therapy Machines for Body Slimming

Every year, millions of people strive to reach their “dream figure” by diet, exercise, and even at-home slimming machines that are simply not enough to eliminate persistent fat bumps.

By mixing your healthy lifestyle with safe, non-surgical fat-reduction therapies, maintaining your “dream figure” will now be a possibility.

The combination of Cryolipolysis and Shockwave Therapy is the new and scientifically validated technology in the fat-reduction industry.

Cryolipolysis, also known as the fat freezing technique, and Acoustic Shockwave Treatment, work together to produce amazing and much stronger fat reduction outcomes. Whiles many have entrusted their slimming journey in the hands of machines, it’s still difficult to find the best therapy machines for body slimming.

Here is a review of the 4 shockwave therapy machines for body slimming in 2021.

HIEMT 7 Tesla High-Intensity Electromagnetic Body Contouring Slimming Machine.

This machine is a Portable 2021 beautiful muscle ems body slimming Hiemt for muscle building and fat-burning machine. The machine has gained so much popularity in recent times. The most interesting of this weight loss machine is its portability. The unit price of HIEMT 7 Tesla High-Intensity Electromagnetic Body Contouring Slimming Machine ranges from US$1,698.00 and above.


Model NumberHiemt S1
Brand NameMagic Belle
FeatureCellulite Reduction,

Weight Loss, builds muscle

and burns fat at the

same time

ApplicationFor Commercial
Product nameHIEMT Body Slimming Machine
TechnologyHigh-Intensity Pulsed


Energy intensity0 to 7 Tesla
Voltage110V/220V 50-60Hz
Screen10.4 Inch Touch Screen
Pulse duration300 μs
Weight65 KG
Dimension420 x 660 x 1150 mm

Hiemt ems Sincosculpt for muscle building and fat burn slimming machine

HI-EMT is a device designed for esthetic purposes, with 2(two) higher intensity applicators. It is a state-of-the-art technique in non-invasive body contouring, as not only BURNS Weight but also Creates MUSCLE.

In comparison, the diagnosis does not require surgery, incisions, or pain. In reality, patients should sit back and relax. The device performs an equivalent of more than 20,000 painless crunches or squats. The unit price of this sliming machine starts from US$3,500.00.


TechnologyEMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Operation SystemHigh-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic
LanguageEnglish and others
Handles2 Handles
MaterialABS+Stainless Steel
Voltage110V/220V 50-60Hz
Packing size71*61*112CM

Kuma shape X

Kuma X shape with 4 treatment handles is the newest technology to enhance the appearance of cellulite when smoothing and reshaping the body. Infrared and Radio Frequency are used to specifically locate and heat fatty tissues in particular areas of the body while suction and massage rollers smooth and contour the skin. It is safe, effective and has demonstrated clinical effectiveness worldwide. The price for the Kuma shape X ranges from US$3,399.00 per unit.


RF powerUp to 50W
RF frequency10MHZ
Infrared light powerUp to 20W
Infrared spectrum700-2500nm
Vacuum cleaner0-0.07Mpa / 0-50Hg
Area SizeAbdomen 85mm * 55mm
Leg 65mm * 65mm
Arm 36mm * 36mm
Face 25mm * 12mm
RF powerUp to 50W

Cryolipolysis shockwave machine AML-CW01

The modern 2 in 1 Cryolipolysis shockwave Therapy Unit is the type in which the computer merged the role of Cryolipolysis fat freezing and shockwave therapy in one machine. Normal unit 1 pcs X 150mm cryo handle, 1 pcs X shockwave handle, shockwave handle 7 tips: for pain management, sports injury, and ED care. Prices for Cryolipolysis shockwave machine AML-CW01 ranges from US$2,000.00.


TechnologyCryolipolysis and

Shockwave therapy

Power supplyAC100V/240V  50/60Hz
Screen8-inch color touch screen
Cooling device

output temperature

-15 – 5°C
Cooling device

output pressure

10-80 KPa
Cooling liquidpure water

or special coolant

Default time0-120min
Ambient temperature5°C-+40°C
Relative humidity≤80%
Atmospheric pressure80KPa-106KPa
Operating modeContinuous1-16 pulses
Power Levels / Energy5 to 200 mJ

(equivalent to 1-5 bar)

Transmitter7 Pcs
Suggestion for

treatment parts

Exceeds 25 preset

treatment suggestion

Dimensions51 X 55 X53.5 CM (L/W/H)


Our diets have made it difficult to continue keeping shapes. To have the same nature and stature, you must consider shaping and slimming down the body. This why portable shockwave therapy machines for body slimming is recommended.