The Salifu 11 is very astonished and dumfounded at the cheap propaganda and fake news being peddled by the Ahafo NPP regional Communication Directorate with respect to a supposed endorsement by the group on the government’s policy of one district one ambulance.

We wish to state emphatically without any shred of doubt, that the group have never endorsed such policy by the government. The said article is full of untruths, cheap propaganda and unfunded allegations calculated to tarnish the image of the group and mislead well wishers of the group and Ghanaians into believing that the group have any admiration for the poor policy initiatives and cost inflated afterthought populist agenda of the government.

The facts remains that, the group is never a vigilante group, it is only a group of youthful well wishers of the NDC which contributes significantly to the development of the region in terms of sports, entertainment, youth activists and other youth related activities. The group have never been engaged in any acts of politically motivated violence and inflicting pain and injury, in fact there is no records to show as such as postulated by the writer of that article.

The matter in issue is that, indeed there was an unfortunate accident involving one of the members of the group. He sustained an injury at the work place and was rushed to the hospital, as we all know, a case that demands a referral obviously demands an ambulance as means of transportation, but to the surprise of the injured and others around, it took almost 2 _3 hours before the ambulance arrived, it should be noted that the said ambulance was very empty without the necessary equipments,so we are even surprised hearing that, the said ambulance is that of the government one district one ambulance, it will shock you to know that the drip that was injected to our brother was hanging in the hands of someone who was also in the ambulance just to help, it was so empty that,people around described a pick up car as better than that hollow ambulance.

In conclusion, we wish to state once again that, the group have never endorsed such a policy and have never engaged in any acts of violence.

We wish to also say that our brother is very good and well by the grace of Allah.

We urge all well wishers of the group to disregard the article and treat it with the necessary contempt it deserves.

Lastly, the said writer should be served with noticed that, the group will not tolerate such preposterous write ups and unfounded senseless allegations anymore