Release pastors who violated Covid-19 safety protocols or curses will follow you, others – Pastor to Akufo-Addo

The founder of Potter’s Family Chapel has called for the immediate release of pastors who were jailed for not adhering to directives imposed by the president.

Alex Armstrong said this is as a result of the non-adherence to laid down safety protocols during the governing NPP’s Parliamentary primaries on Saturday.

“I want them to release those arrested and jailed…I want you to know that you guys are biased and very wicked. Mr president, I know that you are a Christian, and some of us prayed for you to become president.

“Some pastors have been disgraced and insulted because we all stood and prayed for you before you became president. I prayed everywhere I went and prayed for you because God spoke to me that you will become president, you didn’t pay me and I don’t need anything from him or any MP,” he told his congregants on Sunday.

Government has outlined protocols which churches must adhere as they are given the green light to worship with congregants after being closed for months to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Up to 100 worshipers can congregate in churches, mosques and other places of worship and they can worship for one hour.

The threshold is, however, 25 per cent attendance, which means the number could be smaller for congregations with smaller numbers.

The leaders of these bodies are, however, expected to ensure their members adhere to proper social distancing protocols during worship.

This some of the pastors have criticised because they believe certain gatherings are allowed which disobey the directives by the president.

Citing one such event, Alex Armstrong said he observed how people were hugging and dancing together at the just-ended NPP Parliamentary primaries.

“Look at what happened yesterday, it is sad…how they were hugging, dancing, jumping and running [around]. That one nobody has arrested them,” he noted.

He, therefore wants the pastors arrested and jailed to be “released immediately other than that it will be a curse on all the politicians…other than that, judgement will come from above.”