Public Activist

Public Activist Still Unknown

This Lady has brought light to controversial issues. She is the suffragette of her generation. She has managed to bring women’s rights to the surfaces of British democracy. The Yellow Suffragette as she is being called has been seen at hundreds of rallies and protests to help spread awareness on Governmental bodies and human rights violations for years. She has been all over the world’s press for her actions and leadership in the Clapham Vigil.

The Yellow Suffragette has been trending all over the internet. She has gained a massive following from the public. Women’s Aid has even named a campaign after her, “Know your Yellow Rights”. Due to the current pandemic, it is wondered what her next move into politics will be. Not much is known about her but a media sauce has come forward to The Sun. The relating news segment can be found on this page.

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Women all over the world have been empowered and are waking up to issues like equal pay. This unfortunate event has started the ball of change rolling. Heads of Government departments have had pressure to step down due to the handling of the vigil. This has come at a time a nation is searching for a way out of a pandemic and with not many clear-cut answers. This has brought a breath of fresh air into a confusing world.

The American media have picked up on this story for the last few days. It has struck home for many journalists from a very similar background to this amazing lady. Theirs have been talking about losing women covering a segment on Friday. It is thought she is from the London area as she has been seen a number of places around the capital over the last few days. She has been identified as an event organizer by a media sauce at The Sun News.

She is thought to be an undisclosed member of the Justice for Women charity. They have not yet responded to The Sun’s attempts to confirm this. BBC Current Affairs are looking into claims she has ties AVA Project (Against Violence & Abuse). The World is all asking who is the #The Yellow Suffragette.

Speculation from leading experts in the field is she is part of a group that travels up and down the United Kingdom targeting key events to raise them into the limelight.

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The claims are just views at the time of writing this article. People have taken to Facebook and Instagram in search of her name and have tried to praise her for successfully helping draw eyes to controversial women’s issues. Every so often their a story that hits you personally and this is one of them. People at the Vigil took to Facebook hours after The Sun published this story tagging photos with or next to the young lady.

All of us here at the news desk is in support of your achievement and commend your efforts on being a modern voice for issues that are normally left and forgotten. The heads of media have barely touched on the surface of this story. We will be keeping a spotlight on this story as it grows.