Protective Eyewear

Protective Eyewear: Important Element of Safety Workwear 

One of the most overlooked elements that go into a well-functioning workplace is workwear, especially in the case of manual labour, scientific and chemical fields of work. An efficient and good quality workwear is a symbolism of the employer’s regards to the workers safety and value. Workwear can also instigate an unity among the workers as an added benefit, but the most important functionality of workwear is to ensure safety. In the fields of work mentioned above, the worker is at high risk of coming in contact with hazardous materials or agents entering his body and causing temporary or permanent damage to a specific part.

Eye gear/protection is an integral part of such workwear, they come in the format of safety glasses, safety goggles, full face shields, helmets, etc. One of the most occurring accidents in the field of science and manual labour is the damage that it causes to one’s eyesight. A list of few eye hazards in workplaces are:

  • Projectiles (dust, wood, metal, concrete, etc)
  • Chemicals (fumes and splashes)
  • Radiation (UV radiation, Infrared radiation, etc) and
  • Bloodborne pathogens (Viruses from human blood or body fluids)

These eye hazards are particular to the field of work that the worker belongs to. Some of these hazards can deteriorate the overall condition of the eye, gradually with contact on a daily basis. But some of these are extremely dangerous and often occur as dangerous accidents of splashes, fumes or drops coming in contact with the eye, requiring immediate care or causing immediate and lifelong damage.

How to prevent an eye injury:

The first step towards avoiding any kind of injury is to be aware of the potential hazards in one’s workplace. When an individual understands that he has to work with materials that can harm him on any scale, he needs to analyze the hazards that can be caused and how he can protect himself. In this analysis that he carries out, it is important that he finds accurate and reliable information that can eventually lead him to choose the right gear of protection against that specific material. There is another set of research that goes into finding the right gear that would offer overall protection during work. Once the type of safety gear that needs to be used has come to a conclusion, he needs to check that the gear fits him perfectly. The main function of these safety gears is only achieved when the person using it is wearing it properly. There definitely is no use if the worker does not wear it properly even if the right gear is provided.

The best eye gear in the market and the fields of work it is used in:

Safety goggles are by far the most protection asserting of all eye protection workwear. While some manual labour workplaces demand comparatively less safety than other fields of work, safety glasses are a go-to in those cases. But most workplaces that involve heavy dust, chemical splashes, even healthline fields that involve airborne droplets infecting the worker, demand great protection in and around the ocular region. While some manual labour that involves high heat welding and other heat oriented work, these safety goggles are manufactured accordingly to withstand high temperatures. Thus, these have also been adapted and put to use by firefighters.

One can never be entirely careful about oneself unless and until there is a hundred percent coverage and assurance. Enough research into providing the right gear for an employer’s crew is as beneficial as it is to the workers. Workers who feel valued and protected are most motivated to give their best.