Rev Obofour sends a strong warning to Prophet Kofi Oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro speaks like a ‘dog’ – Rev Obofour starts prophetic beef (WATCH VIDEO)

Fouder and General overseer of Anointed Palace Chapel, Reverend Obofour, has described the head pastor of Alabaster International Ministry as a ‘dog’ who does not preach anything sensible in his church.

“There is one pastor that preaches and shouts like a dog. Everyday you preach and shouts like a mad person”.

Rev. Obofour who was reacting to insults from Prophet Oduro for some time now, indicated that he respects his fellow man of God because of his age but has come to the realization that the age of Prophet Kofi Oduro does not reflect in his thinking prowess and has taken his kindness not to respond to his rant on him (Obofour) to be his weakness.

According to Rev Obofour, Prophet Kofi Oduro sees everything wrong with what he does and has made him (Obofour) his target in most of his sermons.

Citing some examples of his insults, he said some time ago Prophet Kofi Oduro said National Security will seize cars of some people because of the fleet of cars he (Rev Obofour) videod and posted online. Also, Obofour alleged that he met Prophet Kofi Oduro at one of the funerals he attended and Prophet Oduro who was given the mic said he Rev Obofour will die like Afrifa but he did not respond to his doom prophecy on his life. Lastly, Rev Obofour indicated that in one of his sermons at his church he was describing the kind of woman he wants in his life and Prophet Oduro again replied him in a video saying any irresponsible person in life are fond of women with big butts.

Rev Obofour sends a strong warning to Prophet Kofi Oduro

Rev Obofour going further, said, that he thought a civilized man of God like Prophet Kofi Oduro will be more enlightened not to bring a ladies undie into the house of God because that place is a sacred place.

Rev Obofour further stated that because of the respect he has for some men of God, that is why he does not respond to their insults on him but from today onwards, he will respond in the same measure to every insult from Prophet Kofi Oduro and other pastors in the country.

“I am waiting for your nonsense. If you have been hired by some media people to use their medium to destroy others, we will destroy you and it will affect them.”


Kindly wacth the video below;