Lofree Lipstick Keyboard

Product Review: Lofree Lipstick Keyboard Provides You a Noble Sense

Can you believe that a portable mechanical keyboard can bring you a noble sense? Have you ever thought that a mechanical keyboard for the office will help you stand out in the office and attract others’ attention? Lofree lipstick keyboard adds a sense of nobility to the user’s temperament, which other mechanical keyboards can’t do! Are you still hesitating about buying a portable mechanical keyboard? Let’s have an in-depth understanding of the Lofree lipstick keyboard. After reading the article, you will be determined to buy a mechanical keyboard. 

About the Lofree lipstick keyboard

Lofree lipstick keyboard has up to 79 completely different keys, special in lipstick theme and dot design. The unique 79 keys of the Lofree lipstick keyboard are like 79 lipstick colors on the makeup counter. This portable mechanical keyboard brings a noble sense to your office with good performance and a unique design.

How does a Lofree lipstick keyboard benefit you?

  • Creative color matching

Lofree Lipstick Keyboard’s colorful design helps you stand out in your office. You can see that none of the 79 keys of the Lofree dot keyboard is entirely like the others. Your office can integrate with the dot keyboard design and lipstick color to create a relaxed and energetic working atmosphere. 

  • Excellent typing experience

The Lofree lipstick keyboard brings a new typing experience. The unique dot design of the Lofree lipstick keyboard breaks our stereotype of the keyboard. Its Gateron keys convey a clicky and comfortable feeling while other keyboards can’t deliver you in the same way. Its full N-key rollover will save you from any embarrassing typos, even in the rush of high-speed typing. Moreover, the Lofree dot keyboard has an excellent performance in its keypress volume, sound, and response speed.

  • Light Weight & Wide Compatibility 

Lofree lipstick keyboard is very portable to carry, allowing you to travel light. It weighs only 810g, and its dimensions are 306×144.5×30.6mm, surpassing other keyboard brands available on the market. Besides, you can use this keyboard with any of your devices, from Android to iOS. It is easy to connect this mechanical keyboard for office either wired or wirelessly to your laptop, MacBook, tablet, smartphone, iPad, and anything else. 

  • Long Battery Life

Lofree dot keyboard has long battery life. This portable mechanical keyboard makes you focus on your work. Lofree lipstick keyboard’s 4000mAh lithium battery can last for more than 5 hours with a single charge.

  • LED backlight for night typing

Do you need to type at night for work or study? Lofree dot keyboard’s LED night light mode provides you a good solution. Combining LED night light mode and Bluetooth connection, this mechanical keyboard for the office perfectly combines fashion and function. You can adjust the brightness of the Lofree dot keyboard to any of the four levels available. The soft LED monochrome backlight can also protect your eyes from eye fatigue after long hours of work. Moreover, this portable mechanical keyboard will automatically set itself to sleep with its innovative sleep feature if you don’t use it for a while.

Using experience

I used to think that only game lovers would be obsessed with a mechanical keyboard. But since I have the Lofree lipstick keyboard, I cannot give up the mechanical keyboard. The Lofree dot keyboard gave me a unique and pleasant typing experience. In addition, the Lofree lipstick keyboard perfectly matches the atmosphere of my company. The design of the lipstick theme adds Noble Sense to my desk. From time to time, colleagues cast envious and appreciative eyes on my keyboard. 

The innovative and unique design of the Lofree lipstick keyboard brings me a visual feast. Lofree lipstick keyboard invests a lot in its technology, design, and durability to make a perfect keyboard. Lofree always keeps in mind that high-quality shouldn’t be a luxury, and it shouldn’t come at the expense of a style. You can always find your right mechanical keyboard from Lofree.